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NRL and ClubsNSW strengthen ties, CrownBet awaits deal approval

NRL strengthens ties with ClubsNSW

The National Rugby League (NRL) and ClubsNSW have signed an agreement to strengthen ties between the two organisations.

ClubsNSW CEO Anthony Ball and NRL CEO Todd Greenberg signed the agreement last week in a bid to bring the two organisations closer together.

The agreement which Greenberg describes “is of mutual benefit to the NRL and ClubsNSW” will give registered clubs a more hands-on role in regards to the code’s facilities and infrastructure.

The organisation responsible for more than 1200 clubs in New South Wales is currently in the midst of gaining approval of a digital deal with the James Packer-backed betting site, CrownBet.

ClubsNSW will now be responsible for promoting NRL too, which could be done so with the help of CrownBet, depending on whether the digital deal gets the green light from the Supreme Court.

Ball commented on the NRL agreement in a media release, stating it provided formal recognition of the strong support registered clubs have given to rugby league for more than 60 years.

“Registered clubs contributed more than $56 million to the game in 2016, ensuring the ongoing financial stability of NRL clubs,” Ball said.

If and when CrownBet sign on as ClubsNSW’s official betting partner, the clubs could be able to provide even more support to the NRL since they will receive commission for every punter who signs up via the CrownBet site in a participating venue.

“Our arrangement with CrownBet will ensure all NSW clubs get their fair share from digital bets and will help ensure the industry’s long-term viability. Small and regional clubs will be the biggest winners,” Ball said in a media release when the CrownBet deal was first announced. free bet

The role the NSW registered clubs play in rugby league has also been highlighted by Greenberg who said they are “a social hub for rugby league fans to come together in support of their favourite team”.

“We want to ensure there is ongoing recognition of the incredible investment ClubsNSW members make in rugby league,” Greenberg said

The NRL agreement will see the two organisations working on initiatives for local rugby league clubs via community programs.

ClubsNSW will receive training courses to improve club governance too.

Greenberg noted the importance of ClubsNSW in terms of community programs as the organisation provides “financial assistance to local junior rugby league clubs” as well as “non-cash assistance such as team uniforms, spaces to run junior coaching clinics and office space for our Game Development Officers.”

Ball agreed and suggested that the clubs have churned out huge football stars.

“Players like Jarryd Hayne and Mitchell Pearce wouldn’t be the players they are today without the support of Cabramatta Rugby League Club and Magpies Waitara respectively,” Ball said.

CrownBet and ClubsNSW team up in digital deal

Last year CrownBet fought to become the NRL’s official betting partner, entering a bid of $50 million. The betting site lost to Paddy Power’s Sportsbet which offered a $60 million bid. The deal runs until 2020.

CrownBet will invest $300 million if the deal with ClubsNSW gets the green light and not only will it allow a stronger connection to the NRL but it will also fend off competition from its retail rival, Tabcorp, which has a betting monopoly in NSW.

CrownBet will roll out terminals to the participating NSW clubs with venues having the option to opt in or out. Some may pull out with to Tabcorp threatening to pull its services from participating clubs including the Sky Racing channel – where punters can make bets via the betting site’s app and withdraw funds at the machines.

Additionally, if the deal is approved, CrownBet may end up in a better position than it would have as the NRL’s official betting site given the recent scrutiny by parliament over gambling ads and bookmaker sponsorship during live sporting events.

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