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What is Davis Cup tennis and how to bet on it

The 2024 Davis Cup is the world’s largest team sporting event, with over 150 countries taking part in this popular tennis event. Davis Cup betting is available globally, with betting sites boasting markets on all matches, while outright winner odds are also very popular. Our Davis Cup betting guide will run you through the top bookmakers featuring tennis, best betting apps, fixtures for the 2024 Davis Cup, statistics, history and more.

Best Davis Cup betting sites

The top Davis Cup betting sites for Australians include some of the most popular bookmakers in the country. These Davis Cup betting sites can be accessed across all different platforms, including mobile, desktop computer and even via telephone betting.

Davis Cup betting sites will have match-day markets and outright, futures betting available all-year round. Although these Davis Cup odds will heat up and become more extravagant as the matches draw closer. You will however find outright Davis Cup winner odds all year round in well-established betting markets, like Australia and the United Kingdom.

Davis Cup betting sites have got plenty of easy deposit options, including the ability to use Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Pay ID and even BPAY. In most cases, you will however, have to use a bank transfer to withdraw funds from your account.

Davis Cup betting apps

Davis Cup betting apps generally come for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. This means you must have an Apple smartphone or one powered by Android, which is found on smartphones like Samsungs.

Davis Cup bookmaker apps are free to download in Australia and give you access to everything you would find on the desktop website of your chosen bookie.

Australia is one of the few countries in the world, where Apple smartphones match Android for popularity, so betting apps on these devices are readily available in the App Store.

What is the Davis Cup?

Billed as the World Cup of tennis, Davis Cup pits the best nations with the racquet against each other in a knockout competition that is the premier international men’s event.

Starting out as a tennis battle between Great Britain and the United States way back in 1900, the Davis Cup has grown to a competition where some 130 nations participate every year.

That means it is a highly coveted trophy.

Only 18 nations qualify for the Davis Cup Finals, and only the last one standing out of those 18 teams will claim the cup.

Interestingly, nations take turns in hosting their Davis Cup ties. This stems back to 1970. So, hypothetically, if Australia played Spain in Spain in 1975 and did not meet them again until 2017, the ensuing tie would be played in Australia, even though the last one would be 42 years ago.

The Davis Cup has a long and successful history and sits next to the four Grand Slams as one of the most coveted gongs in tennis.

Here is a look at the Davis Cup, its history and how you can bet on it at Australia’s top tennis betting sites.

How the Davis Cup works

So you want to win the Davis Cup.

Well, first you have to qualify for the Davis Cup Finals.

Sounds easy, right?


Remember, there are 130 nations.

You need to be part of the 18.

Do the math.

Once you’ve got there, you need to go through the group stage to reach the last eight, winning matches spread out over three days, with two singles games on day one, the doubles on day two and then the reverse singles on day three.

Negotiate that, then do it all again in the quarter-finals and the semi-finals to reach the cutthroat final.

Win the final and you will take the Davis Cup trophy and either have your name etched in tennis folklore – if you’re a player – or a wad full of notes if you punted on the game and managed to pick the correct result.

Which countries are involved in the Davis Cup?

You want the whole list? That would take too long, but here are the nations that will compete in the 2024 Davis Cup Finals:

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Croatia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Netherlands
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • Spain
  • United States

Online bookmakers for Davis Cup and other tennis bets

We’ve tabled our recommended bookmakers for betting on the Davis Cup below:

United States Davis Cup Bookies

Davis Cup Bookies

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Popular bet types on the Davis Cup

Davis Cup betting is available in most countries, but is particularly popular in countries where tennis is popular. Some of the Davis Cup bet types you will find include:

Davis Cup winner:
Have fun picking the winner of the entire tournament when there are 130 teams to choose from. Some bookmakers won’t even offer odds on it until the later finals rounds, when the field is whittled down.

Tie winner:
Tie bets happen throughout the tournament, and it simply means which of the two nations wins the most of their five matches. You have to pick the overall winner who is on the right ledger of the five matches (5-0, 4-1, 3-2)

Tie correct result:
As with the bet above, you have to pick the winner of the tie, but you also have to correctly predict the number of matches each team wins (5-0, 4-1, 3-2).

Head to head match winner:
The most basic of tennis bets. You have two men out on the court, battling for supremacy. There are two results. A win. And a loss. Choose wisely, because your man needs to claim victory for you to salute. Whoever wins the match shares the spoils with their loyal punters.

Set betting:
There are a variety of options in set betting, but the key one involves predicting exactly how many sets a Davis Cup match will go to. Will the match be a 3-0 whitwash? Can the loser nick a set off their opponent, or will it be a five-set classic, with the victor taking a thrilling 3-2 win?

Correct set score:
This bet type breaks the game down even further to how many games each player will win in a particular set. If the winner of the set wins six games and the loser only two, you have to select the option for 6-2. A variation of this bet involves picking how many games there will be a particular set. It doesn’t matter who wins or loses the particular set you just need to pick how many games there will be played.

Game betting:
The final break down is how many games there will be in the match. Usually this will be provided as an over or under odd situation, where the bookmaker will give you a set figure for games, usually with half a point added, to give you, for example, over 27.5 or under 27.5.

Five great Davis Cup moments

Rafael Nadal comes back to beat Juan Martin Del Potro in 2011
It all came down to this one. And the then world number two Rafael Nadal would simply not be denied, coming back from being flogged in the first set by Argentina’s Juan Martin Del Potro to claim the match and an unassailable 3-1 lead in the Davis Cup final, giving his nation, Spain, the title. It was the last set in particular people will never forget, peppered with ridiculous rallies and shots, with both players being broken as they served for the set. But Nadal eventually won out and the Spaniards were the Davis Cup champions.

Czech Republic knocks over the defending champions in 2012
No one gave them a hope in 2012. No one except the Czechs. And they delivered on the world’s biggest stage, to claim their first Davis Cup title as a sovereign nation by somehow beating defending champion Spain. The Czechs even went 1-0 down after the opening tie and things looked bleak. But monster server Tomas Berdych knocked over Nicolas Almagro and then he and Radek Step teamed up to wrest back the lead in the doubles. Stepanek then atoned for his opening day loss to David Ferrer to take a 3-1 victory, in the process, shocking the world.

McEnroe goes out a winner in 1992
With father time catching up on the champ, John McEnroe was not expected to make a huge impact in the Davis Cup, but, still, the USA, with Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi and Jim Courier on board, made it all the way to the Davis Cup Final, where they defeated Switzerland. Most memorable was McEnroe’s performance on the doubles court with Sampras, the up and coming superstar, to give their nation a 2-1 lead in the series. Not many people could forget McEnroe circling the court with the giant American flag after his teammate Courier won the fourth match and gave them a 3-1 win.

Pete Sampras loses in 1991
No wonder the Americans won it in 1992. Pete Sampras, approaching the peak of his powers, was remarkably beaten by a bloke named Guy Forget. And we will never forget the day he won, giving France its first Davis Cup title for nearly 60 years. An unlikely Davis Cup title win – after Sampras also lost to a bloke named Henri Leconte.

France’s remarkable run comes to an end in 1933
We don’t profess to being alive in 1933, but we do know that any team that ends a six year Davis Cup winning streak is very, very special. That’s what the Brits did in ’33, putting a stop to the much-vaunted “Four Musketeers” – Rene Lacoste, Henri Cochet, Jacques Brugnon and Jean Borotra – run of six straight titles, thanks to the heroics of Fred Perry, a darling of the Brit tennis world.

Davis Cup dates

Davis Cup group stage finals dates: September 10-15, 2024

Davis Cup final eight date: November 19-24, 2024

The first round of the Davis Cup is usually held in March, with the Quarter Finals following in July, the semi finals in September and the finals at the end of November.

This year, 2018, Argentina will take on Croatia in Zagreb from November 25-27 to decide who will be crowned the Davis Cup champion.

Davis Cup winners list – past champions

2024 ???
2023 Italy
2022 Canada
2021 RTF
2019 Spain
2018 Croatia
2017 France
2016 Argentina
2015 Britain
2014 Switzerland
2013 Czech Republic
2012 Czech Republic
2011 Spain
2010 Serbia
2009 Spain
2008 Spain
2007 United States
2006 Russia
2005 Croatia
2004 Spain
2003 Australia
2002 Russia
2001 France
2000 Spain
1999 Australia
1998 Sweden
1997 Sweden
1996 France
1995 United States
1994 Sweden
1993 Germany
1992 United States
1991 France
1990 United States
1989 West Germany
1988 West Germany
1987 Sweden
1986 Australia
1985 Sweden
1984 Sweden
1983 Australia
1982 United States
1981 United States

Most wins in the Davis Cup

United States 32 with 29 runners-up
Australia 28 with 20 runners-up
Great Britain 10 with eight runners-up
France 11 with eight runners-up
Sweden seven with five runners-up
Spain Seven with four runners-up
Germany three with two runners-up
Czech Republic three with three runners-up
Russia Three with three runners-up
Croatia Three with one runner-up

* Five nations are tied on one win each.