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THE team at is dedicated to giving punters everything they never knew they needed to know about betting on sports and horse racing.

In an age where there’s as many online bookmakers as there are grains of sand on a beach, it’s our goal to filter through the noise and provide our readers with a trusted insight into how to bet smart, evaluate the best odds and navigate the biggest sporting and racing events around the globe.

We have simple goals: is a young website, established in 2014, but it’s come a long way very quickly thanks to quality work from dedicated people.

The site has proven that when you provide readers and punters with what they want and cut out the external, unnecessary distractions, you’ll go a long way.

The people behind is produced and published by Race Media.

Race Media specialise in online media and digital content in the areas of sport, racing, casino and gambling. Race Media has a team of over 40 trained journalists and staff across Australia who run a network of websites.

Below you’ll find an extensive list of authors and contributors who have helped build into the growing success it is today.

Brad McGrath – Executive Editor

Brad is the guy in control of Race Media’s content and provides the BettingSite team with everything they need to provide a product readers and punters want.

Brad has an extensive history in journalism and editing for both print and online publications and combines that with his love and healthy scepticism of all things sport, racing and casino.

When he’s not working across Race Media’s network, you’ll find Brad at a gig, holding in his frustration while watching football or finding bizarre sports to bet on in the early hours of the morning.

Dominic Ciconte – Sports Editor

Before beginning his stint as a sports editor for, Dom cut his teeth as a news and sport journalist, while also dabbling in public relations.

Studying form, following sport (a little too passionately depending on who you ask) right around the world and following the news and changes within the bookmaker industry is how Dom gets his kicks – and there’s nothing like getting paid to do what you love.

If Dom isn’t editing for, you’ll probably find him at the MCG, having a beer and a punt with friends or working on his long-awaited AFL debut with the Collingwood Football Club, despite being on the wrong side of 30.

Todd Davey – Journalist

At, we call Todd Davey the Multi Master.

Todd revels in studying form, delivering great tips for our readers each and every week. Todd’s strength is his versatility (and obsession) with a wide range of sports. Whether it’s the AFL, NRL, NBA, EPL or racing, Todd knows the ins and outs of the betting markets and will find you the best bets each week.

Having said all of that, he’s on thin ice with the company – purely due to his Essendon Football Club love. It’s not on.

Daryl Curnow – Journalist

Coming to us from across the ditch in New Zealand, Daryl Curnow is the man we trust to bring us the best racing tips and market news in the thoroughbred business.

A former apprentice jockey that shares his connections within the industry with thankful readers, Daryl also spreads his talent and insight across our sporting landscape with golf, all things rugby and the major US sports.

When he’s not tapping away at the laptop, you’ll find Daryl at a golf course, working on his ridiculously-low handicap.

Gerard Pelly – Art and Graphics

Gerard is the guy with the eye and skill to turn our ideas and visions into reality. While the rest of us watch on in wonder, Gerard is designing art work, creating website themes, working on the images that give our stories life and providing a platform that’s easy on the eye and convenient to navigate and use.

Other contributors:

In addition to BettingSite’s main team, there are a number of additional contributors that provide specialised content and features for the site.

Kat Ernst: Our resident greyhound expert, Kat brings experience as a trainer, owner and greyhound lover – her strength is finding the people and stories within the industry you care about.

Mike Maguire: A talented writer and skilled tipster, Mike is another of our ‘all-rounders’ with a special passion for international cricket and the EPL.

Tatum Osborne-Young: Tatum looks after the social media for and the Race Media website. When it comes to spreading the word of Race Media, our tips, news and analysis, Tatum is the one connecting us to the world.

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