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Australia has long held a fascination with netball but it is not until more recent times it has become popular for sports bettors. Increased media coverage and exposure at corporate online bookmakers has seen a large increase in money wagered on competitions like the ANZ Championships and the Netball World Cup.

The ANZ Championship is regarded as the strongest domestic competition in the world, which plays a large part in the success of the powerhouse Australian team, known as the Diamonds. Whether or not you played the game or watched from the sidelines as a kid, netball is one sport which was in some way a part of everyone’s life growing up.

Betting sites for netball in Australia

United States This is my table

This is my table

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All international and high-level domestic games will be covered by most of the Australian-licensed bookies. We suggest signing up at each of the trusted betting sites above to ensure you always get the best netball odds available.

Australian netball betting

The main tournament to bet on is the ANZ Championships which pits teams from each state in Australia and New Zealand against each other. The public’s gaze further amplifies the wagering on netball during big International events, which Australia and New Zealand are both traditionally very strong in.

ANZ Championship

Since the ANZ Championships was introduced in 2008 betting on the sport has significantly increased. Also known as the Trans-Tasman Netball League, the tournament sees five Australian teams take on five New Zealand teams, which fuels the rivalry between the two nations punters know all too well. The tournament takes place annually, kicking off in April and running until July, with around 69 matches over the season.

Australian teams:

New Zealand teams:

As the major Australasian netball tournament, and a successor to the Australian Commonwealth Bank Trophy and the New Zealand National Bank Cup, the ANZ Championship has created a wide range of betting options for netball, which we detail below.

Other popular leagues to bet on around the world

Introduced in 1963 by the International Netball Federation, the Netball World Cup (NWC) is held every four years, with the next one due in 2019.

Australia has been the dominant force, with top placings in 10 of the 14 times it has been played, while they also tied with Trinidad and Tobago in 1979. The Kiwis have won the three other editions of NWC to stoke the bitter rivalry with their ANZAC neighbours.

Every Cup is held in a different nation, with the most recent Cup (2015) held in Sydney, Australia.

The next NWC will be held in 2019 in England and since the teams which participate are picked on INF World Rankings and Regional Qualifiers they won’t be determined until closer to the 2019 Cup.

As an example the qualification process worked like this for the 2015 tournament.

Host nation and top five ranking teams

While 16 teams were eligible in the 2015 tournament, five top ranking teams automatically qualified. With the host nation also automatically qualifying.

Qualification tournaments

The other 10 teams for the 15 Cup were then picked via tournaments involving two teams from Europe, Africa, Americas, Asia, and Oceania. The following teams won and participated in the 2015 NWC;

From 2015’s results we can expect England, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, South Africa, and Malawi to be a part of the 2019 NWC.

Bet types on netball

Netball is a sport that is heavily bet on in the days and hours leading up to a game. This means bookies have plenty of ‘match day’ markets such as betting on the outcome of an individual match. Bookies will also often frame futures markets on things like who will win the ANZ Championship grand final or the outright winner of the Netball World Cup.

Popular match day betting markets

Popular futures markets

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