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Massive US lotto draw sees extra action at LottoLand Australia

A massive US lottery is set to jackpot to an insane amount of money, and Australians are flocking to Lottoland to get involved.

Queues have started to stretch outside lottery kiosks in the US as punters desperately search for the winning ticket in the estimated USD$654 million (AUD$916m*) draw which takes place on Wednesday Australian time.

Australian online bookmaker Lottoland has already experienced a surge in traffic amid the hype, with their 750,000 Australian customers rushing to get their chance to take home AUD$916 million* should their numbers match those in the MegaMillions draw.

Lottoland Australia’s CEO Luke Brill wasn’t surprised by the frenzy.

“Jackpots like this don’t come around very often, so it’s no wonder that Americans and Aussies alike are in a frenzy to get involved” Mr Brill said.

“Aussies realise they have a limited time to bet on this draw and as such Lottoland Australia has seen a 500% uplift in sales – it’s remarkable really, we really hope an Australian residents’ numbers come up on Wednesday as we certainly have many more entrants this week” Mr Brill continued.

The massive jackpot is earmarked to break the current MegaMillions record as punters purchase tickets at a frenetic pace.

Previous Australian MegaMillions winners at Lottoland include a 56-year-old grandmother of 11 who won AUD$1.3 million and a 32-year-old mother of nine who won AUD$808,000.

Lottoland recently broke the world record for biggest online gambling payout with an AUD$137m winner but should someone’s numbers come up here the payout would drastically eclipse the previous record.

The official draw takes place on Wednesday, 17th October, at approximately 2pm AEDT.

Results are based on the official US MegaMillions draw, with the provider of the approximate AUD$916 million* prize.

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