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Lottoland review

Lottoland is an online lottery betting service available for Australians who are seeking a more convenient way to play their favourite lotteries via the Internet – including huge jackpots from overseas lottery draws such as the US MegaMillions and US Powerball. This review explains how Lottoland works, how it is different to buying regular lottery tickets online and services, and how you can play lotto draws from all around the world from the comfort of home via your desktop, laptop or mobile.

What is Lottoland?

Lottoland distinguishes itself from online lottery ticket distributors like OzLotteries because its services are classified as lottery betting. Lottery betting is different to playing a regular lotto with tickets, as you are placing a bet on the outcome of the lottery draw rather than purchasing a ticket via an agent to go into the lottery draw. This is the key difference you must understand prior to signing up with and playing at Lottoland, though the main process – picking your lucky numbers in the hopes of winning the major jackpot – is basically the same. Your wager is on whether the lucky numbers you picked are the final results drawn.

Because it is a lotto betting site, Lottoland can offer Australians the opportunity to play international lotteries which normally would not be available to us. Because players don’t need tickets, we can simply bet on the winning numbers of overseas lotteries instead, effectively giving us entries into the bigger, more lucrative and life-changing jackpots of overseas draws like US Mega Millions and the US Powerball.

All Lottoland players win the same amount as the jackpot if the numbers you place with your bet are the winning numbers of the draw. There is no catch, and this is why Lottoland has taken Australia by storm.

Who can play at Lottoland?

Lottoland is available to Australians aged 18 years of age or older in every state except South Australia, due to local state legislation which deems it illegal to bet on the outcome of a lottery (SA Lottery and Gaming Act 1936).

All players at Lottoland must provide documentation and proof of identity before any potential winnings can be withdrawn.

You cannot bet at Lottoland if you are from the following countries/regions: Netherlands, United States of America.

How do I play games at Lottoland?

All you need to provide initially is basic information such as your name, date-of-birth and contact details (address, phone number, email). Your account will be activated and from there you can select from several lotteries grouped under ‘Daily Lotteries’ and ‘World Lottos’:

International lotteries at

Keno games at Lottoland

If you click (or tap, if on mobile) the lottery you wish to enter, a grid for a single game or multiple games will appear on-screen. Select your lucky numbers, or click ‘Quick Pick’ to have the Lottoland system choose random numbers for you like a regular QuickPick ticket at traditional lottery outlets. It’s that simple.

How do I deposit money and withdraw winnings at Lottoland?

Lottoland supports several banking options so Australians can quickly and safely deposit money into their Lottoland account and withdraw any potential winnings hassle-free. The currently supported methods include BPay, MasterCard, POLi and Visa. All transactions are in Australian Dollars (AUD). With no minimum deposit amounts and zero hidden fees (aside from cash advance fees from certain Australian banks) our experience with Lottoland in terms of ease-of-payments has been very satisfactory. Security also employs 128-bit Secure Socket Layer digital encryption technology to safeguard all financial transactions made on the site.

Is Lottoland licensed and safe?

Despite mixed public opinion, Lottoland is a fully licensed gambling service regulated by the state government of the Northern Territory under the Racing and Betting Act 1983 (NT). This means it is a legal online lottery betting site with proper Australian licensing and recognition, and the jurisdiction which regulates Lottoland also does the same for trusted online bookmakers like Bet365 and Sportsbet. Lottoland is insured by KPMG and has insurance-linked securities in Gibraltar to guarantee payouts. In fact, the company has $100 million in reserve just for when players win the major jackpots.