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Sportsbet opens betting on how low can Kyrgios go in 2017

THE tennis tantrum throwing machine that is Nick Kyrgios is set to be in the headlines again in 2017 for all the wrong reasons according to

The online sports betting company has decided to open multiple markets on just how fiery the 21-year-old’s behaviour will be in the new year.

Punters can invest on nearly every potential negative aspect of the Canberran’s career.

Customers can put money on how many weeks the world number 13 will be suspended in 2017, how many racquets he will break and even how much money the prodigy will be fined throughout the duration of the ATP tour.

Sportsbet believe the tennis bad boy will enter double figures in the racquet destroying stakes, setting a $3 mark on Kyrgios to smash between 11 and 16 throughout 2017.

Punters who think the Aussie wild child can turn over a new leaf next year can get $5 on Kyrgios not to be fined a single dollar in 2017.

For those who think is being a bit cynical, the company is also offering markets on Kyrgios’ performances on court.

Punters can get $11.50 if they think he can breakthrough and win a maiden Grand Slam title next year, while a return of $7 may tempt customers who think he can go through next year without a single fine, broken racquet or suspension.

One of the more enticing bets yields $2.60 return if they think Kyrgios can break into the top ten at any time in 2017, something former world number one and current Davis Cup coach Lleyton Hewitt believes is attainable for the prodigiously talented right-hander.

“Nick’s had a great year performance-wise, winning three titles, a 500 title for the first time, beating a lot of quality players, but I still feel there’s improvement for him,” Hewitt said.

‘He’s 13 in the world. Obviously the next step is to get top 10, which is well within reach.” representative Christian Jantzen believes it is not out of the realms of possibility that Kyrgios can change his attitude, but said it would be optimistic to think his equipment will get through 2017 completely intact.

“Maybe, just maybe, we can see Nick getting through 2017 without a fine or suspension but surely his racquets couldn’t go a whole year unscathed,” Jantzen said.

Nick Kyrgios 2017 bad boy markets

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How Many weeks will Kyrgios be suspended in 2017?

$3.00 Zero

$7.00 1 – 4

$3.00 5 – 8

$4.00 9 – 12

$9.00 13 – 15

$11 16 weeks or more

How Many Racquets will Kyrgios break in matches in 2017?

$4.00 Zero

$6.00 1 – 5

$4.00 6 – 10

$3.00 11 – 15

$6.00 16 – 20

$11 More than 20

Total Value of Fines in 2017

$5.00 $0

$3.00 $1 – 14,999

$6.00 $15,000 – 29,999

$4.00 $30,000 – 44,999

$5.00 $45,000 – 59,000

$7.50 $60,000 or higher

Nick Kyrgios Futures

$3.00 To Retire from professional Tennis in 2017

$5.00 To win the Newcombe Medal in 2017

$7.00 To not break a racquet, get fined or get suspended in 2017

$11 Andy Murray to become Nick Kyrgios’ coach in 2017

$51 To receive a fulltime NBL Contract in 2017

$501 To receive a fulltime NBA contract in 2017

Kyrgios’ Highest ranking in 2017

$21 1-5

$2.60 6-10

$2.50 11-15

$4.00 16-20

$3.50 20+

Number of Grand Slam titles

$1.04 None

$11.50 1

$70 2

$261 3

$501 All 4