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Punters plunge on Hillary on the eve of 2016 US election

FOLLOW the money.

It’s been the overriding message of the most bizarre election in modern democratic history and it’s now what the bookies are saying ahead of election day in the battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Follow the money.

There’s a lot of it.

Sportsbet punters have betted on the election in incredible numbers, staking more than $2 million on both candidates.

But it’s Hillary everyone is gunning for on the eve of the election. There’s a $500,000 discrepancy in Clinton’s favour with punters. There is roughly $1.3 million waged on Clinton, and $700,000 on the former reality TV star.

Clinton’s odds have come in from $1.33 to $1.28 overnight.

Strangely enough, Donald Trump’s odds have also been cut slightly from $3.50 into $3.40 with Sportsbet.

It won’t just be women, Mexicans, Muslims, LGBT community and corporate media panicking if Trump pulls off the upset tomorrow – Sportsbet is facing a payout of more than $7.5 million if Trump overcomes the ‘rigged election’.

Of the third party candidates, Gary Johnson ($326) is the best-backed from Evan McMullin ($501) and Jill Stein ($501). Stein would be the worst result for Sportsbet, with the online bookie currently facing a $2.5 million payout to 248 punters if she proves successful.

“It’s been all one way traffic for Hillary over the past 48 hours with punters keen to load up on the Democratic candidate at juicy odds,” said’s Ben Bulmer.

“The former Secretary of State has come in from a peak of $1.42 on Friday back into $1.28, but still longer than the $1.18 she was a week ago.”

Sportsbet odds for next US President

$1.28 – Hillary Clinton (in from $1.33)

$3.40 – Donald Trump (in from $3.50)

$326 – Gary Johnson

$501 – Evan McMullin

$501 – Jill Stein