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Novelty bets at Australian bookmakers

While most punters who invest their money on sport are aware of the regular markets that go with their favourite sports, there are a multitude of different options outside of the normal parameters that can be bet upon. Whether it’s on sports, racing, music, politics or on when the end-of-the-world apocalypse occurs, are novelty bets a little crazy? Sure. But they’re fun and a different change of pace from the usual markets.

Where to place a novelty bet

Just as Sportsbet has pioneered the world of horse racing and sports betting in Australia, they have made a name for themselves in the novelty market.

Just about anything you could ever have the inclination to bet on, they have a market for. Reality TV is your interest? Or Oscar nominations? Who will top the Triple J hottest 100? They’ll have a market for it.

Novelty sporting bets

For the 2015 Ashes series, Ladbrokes betting offered a plethora of usual markets to add some intrigue and fun to the overall series. The company offered head-to-head markets on which national Twitter account would send out the most tweets throughout the series, and who will be the first former English player to denigrate their team. There was even a novelty bet on English all-rounder Ben Stokes, on whether he will dye his hair during the series, get a new sleeve tattoo or defect to New Zealand.

Music novelty bets

Betting on the music industry has become increasingly popular, especially at Australian online bookmakers. The annual count down of Triple J’s hottest 100 has become a market that punters have routinely gambled on since the market became available in the earlier part of the decade.

Another popular market is the Eurovision song contest. Punters have been able to bet on the outright winner, but also specific markets relating to Australia including whether or not Australia will put forth a candidate and who that candidate will be.

Monarch bets

Are you fan of the royal family? Well now you can invest your hard earned cash on who will succeed Queen Elizabeth as the ruler of England.

Along with betting on the next Monarch of England, punters can place bets on what country will host the first overseas visit of the second born child of Prince William, and there is also a market on what the sex of the third baby will be.

Political betting

Think you know politics? Well put your money where your mouth is.

There is a multitude of options when it comes to betting on politics. Who will be the next president of the United States, who will be the next Prime Minister of Australia?

If you want to be specific though, markets are on offer for certain events to happen in the world of politics, such as a double dissolution at the Australian governmental level.

End of the world betting

For the sadists of the punting world, Sportsbet has a market on how the world will end.

Amongst the popular choices is another ice age, the spread of an incurable disease and the highly unlikely yet still available market of an alien invasion.

Armageddon must occur before a certain date or all bets are voided, but it stands to reason that if the end of the world does happen, what use will money be to you anyway?

One of the many reasons why novelty betting is such a fun and exciting way to bet.

The main deposit options at Australian betting sites

Most websites have multiple options for you to deposit your money. All are verified bookie payment methods with proven security systems for processing transactions safely, and used daily in other fields besides online sports betting – meaning you aren’t just using some unproven transfer method.

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