Australia's best betting sites bookmaker review

Centrebet has closed its virtual doors, but check out one of the other top Australian bookmakers we recommend.

WHAT a well-travelled story online bookmaker has.

A pioneer of online gambling in Australia, Centrebet was born in – you guessed it – the Northern Territory, where it became the first bookmaker in the country to receive a licence to trade.

That was way back in 1993 and, since then, it’s been on a massive journey of dizzying highs and heart-breaking lows that saw its death, before a rebirth as the entity you see today.

Centrebet was the first bookmaker to go online in Australia, turning on its website in 1996.

Today, every man and his dog is an online bookmaker, but they have Centrebet to thank for paving the way to the future we see today.

The bookie changed hands in 2003 when the SportOdds Group forked out a massive $46.55 million and then two years later the company incorporated its SportOdds branded websites and businesses into the Centrebet name.

Once the second largest private bookmaking company in Australia, Centrebet was also one of the biggest online bookmakers in the world, providing in excess of 4000 betting options every week.

That now pales into insignificance with the massive expansion of online bookmaking all over Australia.

Millionaire bookmaker Con Kafataris, has been a key figure in the Centrebet name over the years and held a significant interest until 2013.

British giant William Hill’s foray into the Australian market involved the purchase of three Australian companies – Sportingbet, Centrebet and Tom Waterhouse.

The Sportingbet and Tom Waterhouse websites got the chop and Tom was handed the reins of William Hill’s Australian operation. History was then shredded in a matter of moments when Centrebet customers were moved over to William Hill and the site was shut down.

It would not be long before it emerged from the ashes, though.

In January 2017, Hills identified an opportunity in the market to cater for bigger punters and re-launched the website as a service that provides much higher limits than the average bookie to allow for bigger bets.

Marketed as an online bookmaker with “no gimmicks, no promotional offers and the best fixed odds around” the Centrebet has carved out a solid niche for punters with a little extra coin to throw around – and for punters who are hunting the best odds on particular events, especially horse racing and AFL.

Does Centrebet offer sign up bonuses?

One of the few online bookmakers that does not offer a sign up bonus, is marketed at high end punters, the no frills online bookie doesn’t offer promotions and specials in the traditional way like a Sportsbet or CrownBet, but makes up for it with superb odds and bet limits. Let’s hear it from the big boss, Tom Waterhouse: “Centrebet is a no frills site that specialises in being the best odds. What we are offering is purely about the odds – Centrebet is the one stop shop for those looking to get set at the top of the market.” So don’t expect your betting account to swell with free bets and bonuses and don’t expect any multi insurance, bonus bets if your first try-scorer doesn’t cross first or payout boosts if your team wins by more than 18 points. Just expect the juiciest odds on all your favourite sports, with no bull.

Centrebet’s racing, Australia and abroad

For the true horse racing punter, Centrebet has always been a market leader in its racing offer and it’s only getting better. There are markets available around the clock on thoroughbred racing, greyhounds and harness racing. But, get this, punters can bet to win up to $1000 at least on all daily metropolitan and regional markets. And the bookie jacks that limit up even more on the weekend offering whopping $5000 minimums on the metro events and $2500 for the country stuff. Centrebet says it wants to will aim to offer the best overall prices on Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth horse racing, from 10.30am on each race day. You’ll get all the regular markets on your races, fixed and tote, but if you are one of those punters who has suffered the indignity of having your betting account shut down by an online bookmaker your taking too much money out of, then don’t delay and sign up with CentreBet today.

Other deposit options

Skrill, BPAY, Bank EFT, Masterpass, Credit card, debit card, William Hill Card

Sports betting with

While horse racing is its primary focus, Centrebet has recently made a huge bid for a slice of the AFL pie. Ahead of Round 1 of the 2017 season, Centrebet announced it would offer $1.98 lines on every game of the AFL season, which is well over the $1.91 available at most other bookmakers. Added to the near-even money lines and 102 per cent head to head markets throughout the 23 rounds of the season. The bookie’s huge minimums allow punters to bet to win a minimum of $5000 from 9am on game day and then the limit increases to a huge minimum of $20,000 once the teams are finalised for each club. William Hill Australia chief executive officer Tom Waterhouse says: “Centrebet is the only place the punter needs to go when they are looking for the top odds on AFL and where they can be confident they will be able to get on. We are committed to being the one stop shop for the serious punter who always wants top odds.” If that’s not enough for you, the bookie provides a wide range of competitive markets that will – most of the time – be in line with betting odds. The bookie says it wants to offer the best prices on AFL, NRL, NBA, NFL, Grand Slam Tennis and Big Bash Cricket. Look for the Power Bet option on the Centrebet app to find these great markets.


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Centrebet’s website and app

The website is very familiar. It’s the exact same format as it was before Hill shut it down. The black and white, with a little orange thrown in. the log in menu is top right, as it’s alway Been, with sporting highlights central to the home page. The next five races to jump are prominent below the log in many and the quick links on the top left hand menu get you to where you need to go, featuring today’s racing, the 24 hour sports card and where to sign up. They also have a great search feature where you can type in your league, sport, club or event and find the markets applicable to them, rather than sifting through every where. Racing and sport run down the left rail below that menu, with the PowerBet markets central, along with the highlights of racing. It’s simple and easy to use. Probably the most user friendly website in the online punting world, which goes along with its no frills attitude. And you will find the same when you use the Centrebet betting app, or its easy to use mobile site.

Our take

Centrebet is for the serious punter who isn’t seduced by the big bonuses, insurances and other promotions on offer at other bookmakers. We absolutely live some of those awesome odds on offer from the bookmaker. $1.98 lines is almost even money! And the ability to actually have a red hot crack on the punt, without the fear of having your betting account shut down is music to ours – and punters’ – ears. Forget about some of the bookies, who appear to just make up whatever limit suits them on any given day. We love the website, it doesn’t have all the flashy stuff you find at other bookmakers, but it doesn’t need it. You’re not there to look at pretty pictures, you’re there to find the best odds on the markets that your want to bet on. Join Centrebet if you’re a punter looking for more bang for your buck without all the bells and whistles.