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Sportsbet open markets on Sophie Monk’s Bachelorette hopefuls

THE announcement that Sophie Monk will be the new Bachelorette has raised eyebrows in Australia, but that has not stopped from opening a number of markets on the new season of the hit show.

The age of the man Monk selects, alongside the amount of men she kisses and even the viewership of the Bachelorette vs. the Bachelor are able to bet upon.

The 37-year-old is favoured to go for a man in her age bracket at Sportsbet.

Punters can get $3 on Monk to choose a man that is aged between 36 and 40, while 31 to 35 is the next best option at $3.50.

Sportsbet clients that believe Monk will unleash the inner-cougar and go for a 20-year-old or younger can get a whopping $21, but if the former pop star is a woman of her word that seems unlikely.

“They asked me (if I wanted an age-limit) and I said, you know, ‘I’d like thirty, because getting younger’s a bit a weirdo, but then there’s up, you know? Up to a billion.'” Monk told Channel 10 show The Project.

The market on how many men Monk hooks up with is also a market for Bachelorette punters.

The option of 1 to 4 men is the favourite at $1.80, while 5 to 9 is the next best option at $2.29.

While highly unlikely, a celibate Monk will yield a return of $51.

While the name power of Sophie Monk will help generate additional initial viewership, the Bachelor ($1.50) is expected to have more people tuned in to the finale than the Bachelorette, which is at $2.50. representative Will Byrne believes a woman of Monk’s notoriety should not need this kind of assistance, but the company is happy to offer odds to their clients.

“We’re still scratching our heads over why a celebrity as hot as Sophie would need any help finding a fella, but thankfully the odds suggest she won’t be cradle snatching at least,’’ Byrne said.

Sophie Monk Bachelorette Markets

Odds provided by

How old will the chosen Bachelor be?

$21 20 or under

$9.00 21 – 25

$4.00 26 – 30

+250 31 – 35

$3.00 36 – 40

$4.00 Over 40

How many guys will Sophie Monk kiss?

$51 Zero

$1.80 1 – 4

$2.25 5 – 9

$7.50 10 or higher

Bachelorette proposals?

$5.00 The winning Bachelor to propose on air

$21 Sophie Monk to propose on air

Which Finale will have more viewers?

$1.50 The Bachelor

$2.50 The Bachelorette