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ACMA cites four bookmakers for violating in-play betting rules

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The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has unveiled a series of violations by prominent gambling operators, including Sportsbet, Ladbrokes and Bet365, for breaching the country’s regulations on in-play betting.

The companies were found to have employed ‘fast codes’ or ‘quick codes’ to facilitate live betting on sports matches, a practice strictly prohibited under the Interactive Gambling Act 2001.

In a stern reminder, ACMA emphasised that in-play betting on sports matches is generally banned, except for specific exemptions such as placing bets over the phone.

However, to qualify for this exception, customers must provide bet details and confirmation during the phone call.

According to ACMA’s findings, the operators in question flouted this rule by offering a quick code option to customers, where the codes embedded event details, bet selection and bet type.

This allowed customers to simply quote the code to operators over the phone, bypassing the required phone call confirmation.

The regulatory body identified Ladbrokes and Neds (Entain), Bet365 and Sportsbet as individual violators of Australia’s rules on such codes.

The investigation revealed that these operators were generating codes for each specific in-play bet through their websites or apps, thereby communicating betting information online rather than entirely over the phone.

In response to the investigation, all three operators have taken corrective measures to ensure compliance with local rules.

The ACMA acknowledged the swift actions of all four online bookmakers in questions, leading to modifications in their in-play code systems.

Going forward, these codes will only be generated before the commencement of a sporting event, applying universally to all customers.

Notably, these codes will no longer be tailored to individual bets, ensuring conformity with the prohibition on in-play betting during sports matches.

In light of the operators’ prompt response to rectify the issue, the ACMA has opted not to impose sanctions.

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