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No love for the Aussies in South Africa

South Africa Test cricket

ONLINE bookmaker has been struggling to take much money on the Australians ahead of their four-test series in South Africa.

The money is running 4:1 in favour of the Proteas in series betting, where the hosts are $2.62 outsiders. Australia is $2.20 to win another series in South Africa.

Incredibly, South Africa 4-0 at $21 is the best-backed correct score. An Australian 4-0 whitewash is priced at $18.

The Aussies are $2.22 favourites to win the first test in Durban with South Africa at $2.50 and the draw a $4.60 outsider.

“We always seem to be worried about facing the South Africans on their home soil, but we always end up beating them,” said Sportsbet’s Christian Jantzen.

“Punters are writing the Aussies off again despite the fact our boys are favourites.”

South Africa vs. Australia odds

Series winner
$2.62 South Africa
$4.50 Draw
$2.20 Australia

Series correct score
$51 Australia 1-0
$19 Australia 2-0
$5.50 Australia 2-1
$13 Australia 3-0
$7.00 Australia 3-1
$18 Australia 4-0
$21 South Africa 4-0
$7.50 South Africa 3-1
$15 South Africa 3-0
$6.00 South Africa 2-1
$21 South Africa 2-0
$51 South Africa 1-0

First Test
$2.50 South Africa
$4.60 Draw
$2.22 Australia

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