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Moody fined over social media statements

Former champion trainer Peter Moody has been fined $3000 for statements he made on social media.

Moody, a registered owner, reluctantly pleaded guilty on Friday after Racing Victoria stewards charged him over statements on his Twitter account that were deemed prejudicial to the image, interests and welfare of racing.

“Much to my disgust I think the matter needs to be dealt with today,” Moody said.

“I don’t agree with it but we don’t need this to go on for the good of racing.

“Let’s deal with it now. Guilty.”

In two tweets Moody said he was asking questions whether there had been any truth in a rumour a leading Victorian stable had a cobalt positive in NSW and whether RV was still testing for cobalt.

Moody retired as one of Australia’s leading trainers after being suspended on a cobalt-related charge in March last year.

A response on Lindsay Park’s Twitter feed said they had no positive cobalt results in Victoria or NSW.

Moody told the inquiry he found the statement from Lindsay Park “staggering”.

“I asked the question in two parts is there any truth to the rumour and is cobalt still being tested for in Victoria,” Moody said.

“I have a working relationship with Lindsay Park and I haven’t spoken to them and I was quite surprised that they had to come out.

“They must have heard something as well.

“I notice Darren Weir didn’t come out or any other Victorian stable that may have had runners in NSW in recent times.”

Moody said he possibly could have worded the tweets better which would have eliminated Lindsay Park straight away.

He said he wasn’t proud of his posts claiming sour grapes from his previous cobalt experience.

He said he had spoken to people within RV and he had moved on from the cobalt saga.

“I’m probably disappointed that I’ve done it and I’d be lying to you if I suggest otherwise,” Moody said.

“I’ve tried to build a bridge and move on.

“But every now and then an irritation becomes too much for someone who lost their livelihood through an incorrect situation that I think is still playing out and unfortunately is still a scourge on our industry, namely the cobalt saga.”

Moody said he could not promise he would not ask questions again in a similar format if he thought there was a need.

He said he would not appeal the fine.

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