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Melbourne Rebels the best backed side to win Super Rugby

Super Rugby Melbourne RebelsIt’s strange, but true… more money has been placed on the Melbourne Rebels to win the Super Rugby title than any other side.

In fact, there’s nearly three times the dollars invested on them compared to the Crusaders and Hurricanes, who head the market.

As a result, the Rebels’ price has shortened from $301 to $31. One punter has placed $1,000 on Melbourne at $100 for a potential collect of $100,000.

The Rebels are also the most popular to win the Australian Conference at $4.00 with online bookmaker, however the Waratahs are favourites at $2.40 just ahead of the Brumbies at $3.00.

“The Rebels have picked up quite a few Wallabies from the Western Force, but the amount of support they’ve received has taken us by surprise,” said Sportsbet’s Christian Jantzen.

“They should be the big improvers, but surely won’t win the title!”

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Super Rugby winner
$4.00 Hurricanes
$4.33 Crusaders
$6.50 Lions
$7.50 Chiefs
$9.00 Highlanders
$14 Blues
$17 Brumbies
$19 Waratahs
$31 Rebels (in from $301)
$67 Reds

Australian Conference winner
$2.40 Waratahs
$3.00 Brumbies
$4.00 Rebels
$9.00 Reds
$126 Sunwolves

Rebels v Reds
$1.45 Rebels
$2.76 Reds

Sunwolves v Brumbies
$7.00 Sunwolves
$1.10 Brumbies

Waratahs v Stormers
$1.30 Waratahs
$3.50 Stormers

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