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CRICKET’S greatest rivalry.

Australia, England, battling it out for that little urn.

The Ashes is the cricket series to end all series, pitting the traditional rivals against each other in a test of will and skill.

First played in 1882, the term The Ashes, is derived from the famous obituary, published in British newspaper The Sporting Times, in 1882, which stated English cricket had died and “the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia”. It was the first time Australia had beaten the Poms on their home soil and sent the nation into mourning.

It finally showed that Australia was a viable opponent and led to the rivalry as we know it today

The Ashes urn, which remains at the MCC Museum, at the storied Lords in England, is believed to contain the ashes of a cricket bail, although historians are only 95 per cent sure that is fact.

The rich history of the Ashes has produced some of the greatest series and single test matches you will ever see.

Played over five Tests since 1998, Australia dominated for many years, winning eight in a row between 1989 and 2003 before England claimed a 2-1 victory, that was followed by a 5-0 whitewash but the Aussies in 2007 – the first time that had occured.

Since then, the Poms have won three straight, with Australia briefly grabbing them back in 2014, before surrendering them the next year.

England are the current holders of the Ashes.

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2017 Ashes where, when, dates, venues

Teams: Australia vs. England

Country: Australia

Dates: November 2017 to January 2018

Venues: The Gabba, Adelaide Oval, the WACA Ground, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Sydney Cricket Ground

***NOTE: Test cricket is moving from the WACA Ground to the new Perth Stadium and, with the development of the new cricket haven ahead of schedule, the Perth Test could be held there. If not, this will probably be the WACA’s swan song.


Best bookies to bet on The Ashes with

You will find that most bookmakers worth a grain of salt will offer markets on The Ashes series, but there but a few that offer an enormous variety of markets, while mixing it in with a bunch of promotions that provide money back and bonus bet offers on your bets. We’ve trawled the world wide web in an effort to come up with a few bookies that are worth their weight in gold. Bet with one – or more – of these bad boys and you will be looked after.

Tips on how to bet on Ashes and Test cricket

There was a time there for a while when you could just load up on Australia at short odds and know that they would get the job done. But the days of Warne, Waugh, Ponting and company are long gone. Both teams are almost on a level playing field, so you can never be complacent. You see, that’s the thing with Ashes cricket. Even when you think you know, you don’t know. Bet accordingly.

India betting cricket
India has proven to be a bridge too far for the Australian cricket team, largely because of the tough conditions, which heavily favour spin bowlers.

Back the home side: These days, it genuinely feels like a 50-50 every time an Ashes series rolls around. And that means both sides have strong claims. Often though, the home team knows its home conditions and that should hold them in good stead. The Aussies, with their fast, bouncy wickets love the rock coming onto them, while the Poms are the kings of swing and play it just as well as they bowl it on their slow, low, seaming decks.

Form goes out the door: Usually we would say “make sure you look at the form” before you bet on an event, but we only pay passing interest to this when it comes to the Ashes. These two teams are capable of producing stunning results, even when nothing is going their way. They both lift for each other, which produces high quality, often thrilling cricket.

Back the best: The blokes with bat and ball who spearhead their attacks are usually the men who stand up in the face of Ashes pressure. Steve Smith and David Warner for the Aussies always tend to produce, while Joe Root is a monster for the Englishmen. Follow the champions. That’s where the cash is.

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