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If you are looking for a fresh take on sports betting, is the bookmaker for you. There isn’t a newer bookie on the market as PlayUp began in late 2019.

PlayUp offers a new perspective on betting as there is an added focus on the fantasy sports aspect of the craft, which PlayUp has been leading the industry in since 2009.

If you want to get involved with one of the fastest growing online bookmakers on the market, here is a step-by-step walkthrough to get you started.

How to log in to PlayUp

Assuming you have already signed up, now is the time to log in and get started.

If you find that your account is not in use but you have already entered all your details and made an account, you have simply been logged out, so it is time to log back in.

When you get on your computer or phone and key in the PlayUp main website, you will be greeted with a familiar layout, with all the sports markets and upcoming races, but you cannot place any bets.

This is when you need to find the login button located in the top right corner of the screen, which will bring you to a new screen where you can simply enter your account username and password.

If your account is finalised and ready to rumble, putting in your username and password will give you access to all the features PlayUp has to offer.

What can you only do once you’re logged in?

Feel free to browse the website for as long as you’d like without making an account, but remember that you are missing out on the main event if you stay outside the stadium.

Making an account will allow you the most important aspect of the PlayUp betting site: being able to place bets and win some cash. Placing wagers is easy at PlayUp and, much like every other credible bookmaker, you will need an account to do so.

Having an account allows you to receive notifications regarding any specials PlayUp may be offering, and the company is not shy when it comes to giving pundits the upper hand.

But with the limitations out of the way, here are some things to consider doing when you make a PlayUp account.

What to do once you log in to PlayUp

Your first deposit used to be the best way to claim bonus bets at online bookmakers, but since Australia outlawed sign-up bonuses, you will not receive any special extras for simply creating an account and adding some cash.

PlayUp is a very smart bookmaker that has introduced an industry-first rewards system, allowing punters to exchange loyalty points for free bets, bonus offers and other exclusive perks.

Once you are logged in and ready to go, a good place to start will be the Sportsbook or Racebook, where you can access a variety of international and Australian markets from your own home.

Why you should sign up with PlayUp

We think it is obvious why everyone should create a PlayUp account, but if you are still sitting on the fence, here are a few reasons why it is the future of Australian gambling.

You should sign up and log in regularly if you plan to increase your loyalty points so you can cash in and collect bonus bets in the future. The PlayUp loyalty system works in a similar fashion to most companies: you use the product, you get the reward, almost like stamping a card at a food outlet.

PlayUp is only going to grow, as it already operates in multiple countries like New Zealand, India and the United States.

The best PlayUp features

A simple yet effective feature that PlayUp offers is double loyalty points on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, which are popular days for sports such as NBA, NFL and cricket.

The people that created PlayUp are very kind when it comes to helping out the punter, as they have given a variety of bet-saving features for everyone to use, such as the protest payout, which pays out your horse in the event of a protest, no matter the outcome.

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