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Australia’s bonus bet ban – what punters need to know

The days of bookmaker bonus bets will soon be coming to an end in Australia in what is the latest change in an ever-evolving bookmaker industry.

Bonus bet offers have been an ongoing marketing tool of online bookmakers in Australia, coming in a number of different forms to offer incentives to register new accounts, deposit money or place bets on specific markets.

While the terms and conditions behind their use can differ from state to state, a new national framework in Australia could bring an end to the practice for good.

How much time do punters have left to take advantage of the deals still at their disposal? What will the new laws ending bonus bets look like?

We’re going to provide an in-depth look at how this effects punters.

Are Free Bonus Bets Banned in Australia

As of 2024, the prediction of free bonus bets being banned in Australia has become a reality. Following the changes initiated by the Australian Federal Government in November 2018, the ban on free bets and other betting bonuses was fully implemented.

This change, effective from May 26, 2019, falls under the National Consumer Protection Framework for Online Gambling. It signifies a substantial shift in the online betting landscape, prohibiting all bookmakers, including government-affiliated ones like UBet and TAB, from offering any forms of inducements such as free bets, deposit bonuses, and signup offers.

This development reflects the government’s commitment to reducing gambling-related harm and promoting responsible betting practices. As a result, advertisements for any betting bonuses or free bets are strictly forbidden in Australia. This change impacts not just conventional sports betting but extends to all forms of online wagering, including horse racing and other popular betting arenas. The ban has been a significant talking point in the Australian betting community, marking a decisive move towards more stringent gambling regulations.

Australia's bonus bet ban - what punters need to know

How do I beat the #bonusbetban?

While there’s nothing that can be done to stop the coming ban on sign-up bonuses with online bookmakers, punters in eligible states can still cash in while there’s an opportunity to do so.

Clever punters will take advantage of the full suite of promotions currently being offered to them by our list of recommended bookmakers. Some bookies have already updated their terminology and benefits surrounding bonus codes, with Neds now referring to bonus codes and referral codes.

While we all have our favourite bookmakers, it costs nothing to have multiple accounts and opening new accounts typically takes less than a minute in most cases.

With every new bookmaker you sign up with, you can have access to their suite of specials and offers. With every new bookmaker, you’ll have more opportunity to get a better price on your preferred bet. With every new bookmaker, you’ll have more markets and more options, giving you a better chance to maximise your every dollar.

Like the saying goes – get in while the getting is good.

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