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Pitch invader disrupts Adelaide-Geelong Clash at Adelaide Oval

Idiot Pitch Invader Disrupts Adelaide Crows vs Geelong Cats Match

A surprising incident unfolded at Adelaide Oval on a Saturday afternoon during the Adelaide Crows and Geelong Cats round 2 AFL Premiership match.

The game was in the third quarter, with the Cats leading by 12 points, when a man in shorts and a t-shirt sporting a red hat and holding a recording phone invaded the pitch.

His sudden appearance caught everyone off guard, from the players to the spectators.

Initially unnoticed, the intruder caused confusion among commentators and players.

However, Matt Crouch from the Adelaide Crows took action by grabbing the invader’s shirt and tossing his hat away.

Despite Crouch’s attempt to control the situation, the intruder managed to slip and engage in a chase with security personnel trying to catch him.

Ben Keays from Adelaide stepped in decisively, capturing the pitch invader with a hold and guiding him down for security to handle.

The incident sparked reactions from commentators, including James Brayshaw, who was amazed by the boldness of the intruders actions.

“Ball pinging around everywhere as we have to stop this game, there’s an idiot out there on the field. Astounding,” exclaimed Brayshaw.

“Then Keays steps in to handle the situation. It’s incredible to think someone would actually do that.”

Adding to the craziness of it all, Cats forward Jeremy Cameron, known for his side humor, humorously mimicked the “holding the ball” gesture beside the intruder, who was now surrounded by four security guards.

The incident caused a delay in play, raising concerns about player safety and highlighting the need for security measures.

“This is really a matter of health and safety in the workplace more than anything ” emphasised Brayshaw.

“Players are caught off guard when a spectator suddenly appears in the middle of gameplay.

It’s just not acceptable.”

Despite the interruption, play resumed as the Geelong Cats eventually triumphed with a score of 14.12 (96), to 11.11 (77).

Although Adelaide came into the match as the leading AFL betting sites favourite, Geelong displayed their dominance by kicking six goals to Adelaide’s three in the opening quarter.

Adelaide managed to take the lead in the third quarter, but Geelong stayed calm and clinched their second victory of the season, while Adelaide is still, on the hunt, for their first win.

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