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Demetriou faces pressure as Rabbitohs lose to Sydney Roosters

Rabbitohs in turmoil as they lose to Sydney Roosters 48-6

South Sydney Rabbitohs coach Jason Demetriou is facing a challenge as the pressure mounts after the team’s performance against the Sydney Roosters in round 3 of the NRL Premiership.

Despite facing difficulties, Demetriou is determined to lead the club through these times. The Rabbitohs recent 48-6 loss, to the Sydney Roosters was a setback in their rivalry and dropped them to the bottom of the standings for the first time in more than ten years.

With a five game losing streak stretching into the season, Demetriou is feeling disheartened but remains resolute in his efforts to turn things around.

Acknowledging the situation, Demetriou expressed, “It’s disappointing, it hurts, it’s probably the lowest point of my career right now, but I know how we get out of it. We’ll fight and fight together.”

Demetriou stressed the importance of maintaining focus and attention to detail in their preparations to address mounting criticism.

“The key to blocking out distractions is concentration, preparation, and aiming for a performance next week,” he emphasised.

Despite facing increasing pressure, Demetriou trusts his leadership skills and believes in the unity of his team.

“I’ve been with this group for some time.”

“I am familiar with the team and believe that we are on the same page and collaborating well,” he said.

However, he admitted that the final results will be what shapes people’s opinions.

The decision to leave out halfback Lachlan Ilias and place hooker Damien Cook on the bench was questioned, as these adjustments did not lead to a change in the team’s performance.

While he didn’t promise any changes or to bring back Ilias, Demetriou showed trust in the team’s potential for growth.

As the South Sydney Rabbitohs navigate through this period, Demetrious leadership and decision-making will face examination.

The outcomes of the games will determine if he can handle the pressure and steer the club towards success again.

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