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Williams Bold Move; Albon takes over Sargeant’s car, in Melbourne

Alex Albon replace Logan Sargeant in the teams car for Australian GP
Alex Albon crashes in FP1 of the 2024 Australian Grand Prix.

In a twist at the Australian Grand Prix, Williams Racing has decided to have Alex Albon replace Logan Sargeant in the teams car for the rest of the Formula One race weekend.

This choice follows Albon’s crash during FP1, which caused damage to his car and left the team without a spare chassis. The incident during Friday’s practice session left Williams with no alternative but to withdraw Albon’s car from the Australian Grand Prix.

Since a chassis was unavailable for Australia, Williams made the call to have Albon drive Sargeant’s car for FP3, qualifying, and the race.

Team principal James Vowles detailed the decision, underscoring the need to maximize points in a competitive midfield.

“Although its unfair for Logan to suffer due to someone’s error, every point matters when battling in such a contested midfield,” Vowles remarked.

He also commended Sargeant for his professionalism and loyalty to the team amid this challenging scenario.

While expressing disappointment, Sargeant affirmed his dedication to supporting the team through this period.

“This is one of my moments, in my career, and it’s certainly not easy,” he shared.

“I am fully committed, to supporting the team and will do my best to help out this weekend and make sure we achieve our goals.”

The choice to pick Albon over Sargeant was based on Albon’s performance on the track.

In the 24 races they competed in together, Albon consistently outperformed Sargeant in qualifying.

Has earned more points (27 compared to 1) over the last two seasons.

Although the Williams decision has caused some debate, it highlights Formula 1’s results-driven approach.

The team’s emphasis on maximising points shows how competitive the midfield is, where each race and every point can have an impact on the standings.

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