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Best Paysafecard betting sites 2024

Paysafecard bookmakers provides an innovative solution for those who do not want to link their bank account or eWallet to any betting sites. Established in 2000, Paysafecard bettig sites have offered an online payment solution – that is independent of bank accounts, credit/debit cards and individual information – for over 20 years. The best Paysafecard betting sites for June, 2024 are:

United States Top Paysafecard bokmakers 2022

Top Paysafecard bokmakers 2022

What is Paysafecard and why is it good for bookmaker deposits?

Paysafecard is a prepaid online payment service that requires users to purchase 16-digit vouchers, each of which has a PIN code from a wide array of retail outlets around the globe. PIN’s can be bought in denominations of 10 AUD, 25 AUD, 50 AUD and 100 AUD.

Once a user buys the vouchers, they can visit an online site, such as as betting sites and pay for or deposit cash by making use of the 16-digit PIN code when they confirm the transaction. This action will automatically deduct the amount from their Paysafecard balance.

Customers can buy up to 10 PIN’s at once at Paysafecard betting sites.

The payment solution brand is now part of the Paysafe group of companies which also includes eWallet service Skrill (Top Skrill betting sites).

Paysafecard permits punters to add money to their account in the form of a prepaid voucher, which must be purchased from a retailer.

Top Paysafecard betting sites Australia 2024

With a PaySafeCard you can only use the amount of money deposited in your account and only deposit the amount that the card is worth which implies one can control how much you spend online for betting.

When you get a PaySafeCard, you are issued a 16-digit PIN you use at their partner Paysafecard betting sites, so there are no personal details gathered or collected at any website. Using PaySafeCard comes with increased security when gaming online and helps to keep your details secure.

Australian online bookmakers accepting Playsafecard include:

The reason why Paysafecard can’t have a huge dominance in the Australian online betting market is that there are committed Aussie payment provider which works in a similar way. Moreover, there are many legal matters that directly restrict the use of Paysafecard at betting sites in Australia. Bet365, like we already mentioned above, is a big brand and it has the resources to bypass these challenges.

International Paysafecard betting sites include

While primarily focusses on the Australian sports betting market, we do have many International readers. Paysafecard betting sites are readily available in many other countries in the world. Some of these Paysafecard betting sites include:

How do Paysafecard payments at bookmakers work?

Visit any PaySafeCard sales outlet. You can always find these outlets online at the official Paysafecard website, and for sure you will locate one near you.

Paysafecard operates in many different countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Germany, France, Greece, Finland, Switzerland, and many others.

Once at a Paysafecard outlet, you can then buy a Paysafecard 16-digit pin. You can buy these in differing increments of 10 AUD, 25 AUD, 50 AUD or 100 AUD. You have to use cash, rather than a credit card, for buying voucher.

After you have purchased the Paysafecard Pin, you can then load up your choice of sports betting site, log in and then select to deposit through Paysafecard.

Then you will enter your 16-digit code and state how much of the available balance you want to deposit into your online bookmaker account.

Click the button to proceed and the funds will be moved into your Pay safe card betting sites’ banking section, instantly.

You can also check out the balance remaining on your Paysafecard by logging into the website and inputting the 16-digit pin code. You can purchase up to ten different Paysafecard PINs at once.

Paysafecard betting sites will allow you to deposit across all platforms with these method, including via their betting apps, which are the most common way people bet in modern times.

Advantages of funding bookmakers with Paysafecard

Paysafecard disadvantages

Paysafecard betting history

Paysafecard provides an innovative solution for those who do not want to link their bank account or eWallet to any online bookmakers.

Paysafecard was established back in 2000 in Vienna, Austria and was among the first eCash payment methods that were created to solely cater for online purchases. Over the years, the company has grown remarkably, often taking over smaller similar payment options based in other countries (such as uKash in the UK and Wallie in the Netherlands).

The brand became part of the Paysafe Group, which includes eWallet service Skrill and now runs in over 60 countries globally.

Moreso to the standard payment method through PIN’s purchased from retailers, paysafecard now also provides an online option where users can register that functions more like an eWallet service such as Skrill.

Established in 2000, the brand has been offering online payment solutions for online betting istes – that are totally independent from banks accounts, credit/debit cards and individual information.

Paysafecard allows bettors to add money to their account in the form of a prepaid voucher, which must be purchased in person at a participating retailer.

Paysafecard betting sites operate in places as diverse as Australia, New Zealand (Top NZ betting sites), United Kingdom, Malta, Canada and France.

Is Paysafecard a safe bookmaker deposit option?

Paysafecard is a fantastic bookmaker payment method for a some types of punter. If you do not want to link your, or don’t have a, bank account or eWallet there is no better option on the market than Paysafecard to fund your account.

Saying that, Paysafecard is not without problems, the inability for one to make a withdrawals will be frustrate some and could lead to some lengthy waiting times for users. In terms of security and safety, only few payment methods are better off than Paysafecard betting sites.

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