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Ladbrokes teams up with DST to offer custom sports betting

Ladbrokes Australia online bookmaker
LADBROKES Australia has penned a landmark deal that will allow customers to create bespoke betting markets for a wide variety of sports.

The British-owned bookmaker revealed last week that it had joined forces with Digital Sports Tech – a leading provider of online betting software and creator of the ‘Player Props’ platform.

Using a special algorithm that instantly analyses statistical data to generate accurate prices, the feature will give punters the freedom to fashion their very own wagers for Australian football, American football, soccer, rugby league, rugby union, basketball and much more.

“We are always focused on offering our players the very best sports betting offering and experience, which is why we have integrated Digital Sports Tech’s innovative new Player Props product,” said Ladbrokes Australia chief executive Dean Shannon.

“This product provides us with a meaningful point of difference in the marketplace from our competitors and enables us to further enhance the personalised betting experience that we continually strive to offer our customers.”

Ladbrokes is the second Australian bookmaker to integrate DST’s Player Props software after added the feature back in June this year.

The move follows Ladbroke’s recent move to adopt the ‘global tote’ for its punters.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer our game-changing player proposition betting product to Ladbrokes Australia, one of the most respected operators in the industry,” said Digital Sports Tech executive director Ari Lewski.

“We’ve witnessed first-hand the strong appetite that exists in the Australian market for player related betting opportunities via MadBookie.”

This is just the latest move in’s push to bring a new level of innovation and user freedom to the Australian online betting industry.

The bookie made waves in November when it teamed up with TopBetta for the Global Tote – a trail-blazing feature that will enable licensed wagering firms worldwide to participate in a universal betting pool.

The author’s thoughts on the Ladbrokes Player Props feature

At a time when the Australian government is hell bent on restricting our online and mobile betting options, it’s refreshing to see bookmakers are still looking for new ways to spice up the punting experience.

This custom wagering platform has plenty of legs in concept.

How often have you trawled through every market at your favourite bookie and failed to find the exact bet type or match-up you were looking for?

Ladbrokes Player Props could open up a whole new world of betting options and allow punters to express themselves in ways never before possible.

If executed correctly, it will be an excellent addition to Australia’s diverse and ever-evolving betting culture.

The feature has already gained a strong following at MadBookie, so it’s likely to be a big hit wherever it goes from here.

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