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The top 5 red flags to notice when betting

In 2019 we are fortunate to have a modern and safe bookmaker industry in Australia, licensed and regulated by industry watchdogs to ensure our wagering is conducted securely and with fair payouts. However, there are still red flags we need to be aware of when betting online so we can avoid scam sites and only bet at trusted Internet venues. We cover the top 5 red flags you should take notice of when betting on the World Wide Web.

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This is my table

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So you want to have a punt, but don’t know where to start? At, we always keep an eye on the bookies and we’ve whittled them down to a list of six that you can rely on to provide the competitive odds and comprehensive markets.

Five red flags to look out for when gambling

Once you have signed up to one or more of the above betting institutions and taken advantage of the great promos available, you need to make sure you keep an eye out for a few key things when deciding what, when and how much to bet.

  1. Disproportionate odds among competing bookies

    Someone knows something. Make sure it’s you. If a team is $1.30 with one online bookmaker and $2.30 with another, you know something is up. Has the bookmaker stuffed up? There have been times when the oddsmakers have muffed their market and perhaps put too much juice into the favourite. It’s always worth loading up if you know your stuff and can see there is a clear mistake, but just be wary that the bookmaker will probably have its own protocols in place to ensure it doesn’t get cleaned out for it’s mistakes. It might not provide the winnings and just refund your bet if it uncovers its mistake.

    Has there been something happen that changes the odds? A star has been injured during the week and you have loaded up on your team before you realise it. Bad news. Has a big punter learned something about a certain team and decided to load up on the opposition? Following the money is often a good idea, but the best idea is to know your stuff before you try to take advantage of situations like this.

  2. Late changes/injuries to selected teams

    The absolute punters nightmare. You load up on the Hawks to beat Geelong in a clash of two in form AFL teams, only for Tom Mitchell and Chad Wingard to pull out an hour before the first bounce. There is absolutely nothing you can do. Nada. Squat. But 99 per cent of the time, there are ways to avoid being torched by the injury curse.

    Again, it is all about knowing our stuff. Follow your team closely. Read up on the injury list. Follow them on social media – often this sort of thing gets broken here. If you’d done your research, you would know that Mitchell had a baby due on the day of the game and Wingard had been battling a knock he received in the game the week before. We cannot stress enough to do your research.

    Teams make changes, whether it’s AFL, NRL, NFL or NBA. Even individual sports can prove costly. Who knows how many Australians get cleaned out when someone like Nick Kyrgios pulls a heart string at a tennis tournament and retires from a match half way through the second set.

  3. Dodgy independent bookmakers

    Don’t get sucked in! Some bookmakers will promise the world and deliver very little. Don’t compromise your security and punting experience for the promise of a few dollars to bet free with. Read the fine print. Often We have heard of stories of punters receiving cold calls with free money to bet with from bookmakers who promise the world, but deliver very little.

    Yeah, they might have hundreds of dollars worth of bonus bets, but often you’ll have to turn that money over 30 times before you even see cent of it. It can sometimes be difficult to work out which bookies are the real deal and which might just swindle you. Stick to our list of genuine bookies and you will be just fine. This situation has improved in Australia with the implementation of the National Gambling Framework, which officially banned bonus bets.

  4. Don’t get sucked in by betting strategies

    There are infinite websites on the world wide web claiming to guarantee you win in the long run, provided you follow their system. By all means, give them a go, but be disciplined and know when to pull out. If you’re getting cleaned out, something tells us that the system might not be as fruitful as advertised. Set a limit and stick to it.

  5. Don’t bet on markets you don’t understand

    There’s nothing worse than laying a bet on Arsenal to beat Fulham, the result happens, you’re jumping for joy and then you only get $1.20 back on top of the $10 you staked. Your bet was on the Draw No Bet market, not the Win Draw Win market, and your odds were completely slashed. Be aware of the different types of betting markets and their stipulation. Does the win bet pay if the game goes into over time? What happens if the line is -6 and the team wins by six? What even is the line?

    If you don’t know, don’t bet on it until you do know. Ask questions. Your bookmaker is there to help. Call them or connect with them through online chat. Or join a gambling forum. There are plenty of punters out there with the knowledge that you need to help you ensure you get your bet right, first time, every time.

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