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Bookies payout on Clinton presidency after Trump crashes

ACCORDING to one of the biggest bookmakers on the globe and even Donald Trump himself, the 2016 US election race is already over.

Irish gambling giant Paddy Power paid out on a Hillary Clinton presidency, forking out more than $1.3 million in bets, two weeks before the election.

Clinton is still $1.18 at

The Paddy Power pay-out comes after Donald Trump has taken a nosedive in polls amid sexual assault allegations and three disastrous presidential debates.

Facing one of the biggest beatings in US election history, Trump has used his public appearances over the last fortnight to complain about a ‘rigged’ election – claiming that ‘elites’ have conspired against him through the media and polls.

In the third presidential debate on October 20 – a debate that many pundits claimed was the death knell of Trump’s campaign – the real estate mogul refused to confirm that he would accept the result of the election.

When pressed on the issue of accepting the legitimacy of the United State’s democracy, Trump said that he would “look at it at the time” and “leave you in suspense”.

The latest Trump miss-step has the potential to create a volatile situation with a passionate fan base that may incite violence following the November 8 count.

With just 11 days remaining in the US presidential race, the money is going all one way – Hillary Clinton’s.

With interest in the US election at an all-time high, Sportsbet have a created the perfect betting market for punters who think Hillary Clinton should be made to eventually pay for her alleged corruption and incompetence during her time as US Secretary of State.

With Clinton all but assured to win the election, is offering $21 on the first female president of the USA to resign in her first term following an impeachment.

Clinton has already faced a number of federal tribunals and inquests into the email scandal that has marred her campaign.

Questionable information has also been exposed by Wikileaks – showing Hillary’s links to big banks and outside influences.

This is not the first time a bookmaker has paid out early on the US election. In 2012 Paddy Power also forked out on Barack Obama’s presidency, days before his victory over Mitt Romney.

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