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Sportsbet shells out 200k to punters on Socceroos special

Sportsbet Socceroos special
CHALK this one up as a win for all the punters out there. held a #BYOSOCCEROOS promotion on the Australia vs Brazil game last night where punters could set a market on events happening within the match and the company would provide odds on it.

One astute punter put together an outrageous multi that included no cards to be issued, the crossbar to be hit, Bazil to win to nil and make over 3.5 substitutions and no free kicks in the first minute.

The punter who originally placed the bet netted a cool $1,510 from his $10 investment, but unfortunately for Sportsbet the pain did not stop there.

As part of the deal, all of the #BYOSOCCEROOS bets were published on the site and the app, and plenty of punters got on board.

279 punters to be exact, all of which invested enough cash to pinch $228,697 from Sportsbet’s cold, dead hands. representative Christian Jantzen said the punters had a field day at the company’s expense.

“We opened up the floor for bet suggestions from the public and the punters have made us pay,”

#BYOSOCCEROOS Winning Multi Legs No cards, Crossbar hit, Brazil to win to nil and make over 3.5 subs, No free kicks in first minute multi builder

Is Spencer set to be the next Voice constant to say goodbye?

This Sunday’s double elimination on the voice is set to trim the ten contestant line up down to eight, and believes Spencer Jones is a sure-thing to get the chop.

Jones is currently the -200 favourite to be eliminated from the competition on the weekend, and is the only person under the $2 quote to be booted from the show.

Tim Conlan is the next shortest option in the market at the $2.10 mark, while Claire Howell is only marginally better off in the frame at the $3 quote.

Hoseah Partsch ($51) and Judah Kelly ($67) are the duo least likely to feature in Sunday’s double elimination. spokesperson Christian Janzten believes the market has this one close to spot on heading into Sunday.

“Spencer is the least supported singer in the overall winner market so we’re thinking it’s most likely his turn to be voted off in Sunday’s episode,” he said.

Sportsbet opens markets on the next federal election

The countdown to the next Federal Election is officially on and the enterprising folks at have decided to unveil betting markets on when the polls will officially open.

September of 2018 ($3.50) opened as the favoured option while an election in August ($4) or one in October ($3.75) are the only other months under double figures.

An election in 2017 seems unlikely and Sportsbet has set the market accordingly.

Punters can get $15 if they think an election will be held in the remaining six months of this year.

Markets on who will win the election have also opened, and Labor ($1.60) is the hot choice ahead of the Coalition, which is at $2.25 to retain their position of power.

In a surprise move, One Nation ($21) has received twice the amount of money to win as Malcom Turnbull’s team. representative Will Byrne thinks the market reflects punters’ attitudes heading into what could be a changing of the guard at the federal level.

“Judging from the odds we’re 15 months out from an election in which punters firmly believe we will see a return of a Labor government,” Byrne said.

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