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Socceroos World Cup history

Soccerroos History

When you think about sport in Australia, the first things that come to mind are usually AFL, NRL and cricket — but the nation also has a long and proud history with the world game, soccer.

As a nation of immigrants, soccer is an important part of Australia’s culture — one of the sports that brings people from all backgrounds together underneath the Australian flag.

While AFL, NRL and cricket has dominated headlines, sponsorship, crowds and media attention, soccer has continued its slow climb to the hearts and minds of all Aussies.

The Socceroos have evolved from a team of semi-pros and amateurs into a side capable of competing with the world’s best.

Which Australians have dominated on the world stage?

How has Australia fared when it has qualified for the World Cup?

Let’s take a look at our World Cup history.

The Socceroos’ best World Cup XI