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RV to look at Macedon Lodge structure

Leviathan owner Lloyd Williams will be interviewed by Victorian racing authorities over comments he made indicating he is the head trainer at Macedon Lodge.

Williams, who won his sixth Melbourne Cup with Rekindling earlier this month, said in an interview with Sydney’s Sky Sports Radio he was in charge of the operation as chairman of the board, chief executive and head trainer.

Racing Victoria chief executive Giles Thompson told broadcaster he was surprised by Williams’ comment.

“We were surprised by his comments suggesting he is the head trainer,” Thompson said. “He is not registered as a trainer.

“We had previously had conversations with Lloyd and visited his facilities to understand the relationship of the trainers on site there and his relationship with them and certainly in the past we’d been satisfied that it was more an executive chairman-type relationship rather than a head trainer-type role.

“Based on his comments in recent days though, I think it is appropriate that we explore that again.

“I have asked the integrity team to reach out to Lloyd and try to establish what the relationships are and what the roles are up at the facilities now.

“It is important in the short term that we understand what the structures are at Macedon Lodge and how it operates.”

Liam Howley is expected to be approved as the licensed trainer for Macedon Lodge following the departure of Robert Hickmott.

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