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Investigation into possible ice swab

Leading trainer Chris Waller has confirmed he is conducting his own investigation into a possible positive swab to methamphetamine in one of his horses.

Racing NSW stewards would not comment because the results of tests on the second, or B sample, from the unnamed horse have not been returned.

However, Waller said he was looking into his own stable to try to find out if it was the source of contamination regarding the illicit drug which has the street name ice.

Recent cases involving Victorian trainer Matt Laurie and Scone trainer Luke Griffiths were determined to have come from human-to-horse contact while a case involving John McNair was suspected of being a deliberate act by someone outside the stable.

“We are already vigilant about checking staff and maybe we we need to step it up even further,” Waller said.

“We have tested a lot of staff and it’s thrown up nothing.

“But it could have come from anyone who has had contact with the horse, even at the races.

“We want to work out how this has happened.”

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