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Dockland’s re-branded “Marvel Stadium” divides fans

Marvel Stadium
The AFL’s superheroes will run out at Marvel Stadium from 2019 onwards.

IN a move that has sent Twitter into overdrive, Etihad Stadium will be re-branded as “Marvel Stadium” for the next eight years in a deal that begins in September.

The deal includes a premium Marvel store within the stadium precinct.

Chief executive of Melbourne Stadiums Limited Michael Green said the move will revoultionise the sporting industry.

“wWe look forward to a new era of entertainment for the stadium where we will push the envelope and continue to deliver world-class events and fan engagement,” Green said.

“This partnership will allow us to take the stadium atmosphere to the next level and create memorable experiences for a vast array of audiences and we look forward to delivering a truly game-changing experience.”

The re-branding of the stadium saw online bookmaker Sportsbet open up a market on which superhero will be the first to appear once it is officially known as “Marvel Stadium”.

Thor is the favourite at the $1.95 quote, the Hulk is at $7 while Black Panther is an outsider at the $10 mark.

Punters believing that Marvel Stadium will host a Marvel movie premiere can also get $1.85.

Fans sound off on Marvel Stadium

To say that the announcement of Marvel Stadium has been divisive would be an understatement.

There’s been a flood of incredulous social media users, overjoyed geeks and angry sportsfans who think the re-naming of the stadium is “a joke”.

One Twitter user believes the move has been in the works for some time now.

While another who shares a name with the star of Deadpool mused on whether he will get free entry into the stadium.

And of course, the puns came thick and fast.

While another person got their dates mixed up.

One thing is for sure, Marvel Stadium is sure to keep the punters talking for at least the next eight years.

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