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Andy and Ben teaching The Block how it’s done

EVERYBODY’S favourite teaching duo Andy and Ben have surged to the front of The Block class in the betting market at the $2.75 price following a flood of market support.

Sportsbet moved the primary school pair in from $3 following a number of bets from astute customers.

The Geelong boys have been well in commission since the season began, but they drew a mountain of support after they received perfect 10s across the board for their second guest bedroom renovation three weeks ago.

At the time judge Darren Palmer said the Andy and Ben will be hard to beat.

“I think they’re (Andy and Ben) winning the real estate game,” Palmer said.

“They’re going to have the best real estate board out the front of this building when they’re finished.

“They’re going to have people lining up on auction day.”

Master bedroom winners Kim and Chris moved from $6 into $5 on the back of their key victory, but still remain at the tail of the betting market.

The girls were standalone outsiders prior to the bedroom unveiling, but after receiving rave reviews, including the glowing appraisal by judge Neale Whitaker, who said “it’s the most this is probably the most glamorous bedroom I’ve ever seen on The Block” Kim and Chris are back in punter’s calculations.

Other moves in the market have seen Will and Karlie drift from $3.50 out to $3.75 while Julia and Sasha ($4.50) and Carleen & Dan ($5.00) remain unchanged.

Sportsbet’s Will Byrne believes the company’s clients may have seen something in the Geelong primary school teaching pair that the contestants did not.

“They might have been underestimated by their fellow contestants but our punters are adamant the boys are on course to shock them by winning the whole show,’’ Byrne said.

The Block Winner

Market courtesy of

$2.75 Andy & Ben

$3.75 Will & Karlie

$4.50 Julia & Sasha

$5.00 Carleen & Dan

$5.00 Kim & Chris

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