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How and where to bet on Women’s AFL

After years of amateur football and decades on the outskirts of Aussie Rules, Australian women finally have a professional league to ply their trade in and it is not a moment too soon.

Eight teams are set to play in the inaugural AFLW campaign which joins the Big Bash League and the A-League as the only top-tier competitions to have a professional female companion league at the highest level.

We all know women can play as well as the men, but are the betting markets reflective of that fact? Or do punters have limited options when it comes to the AFLW?

We took a look at Australia’s newest and most exciting sporting competition provided some information on it and delivered a comprehensive betting guide for punters who are keen to get around the AFLW.

Best bookmakers for AFLW odds

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This is my table

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What teams will participate in AFLW 2021?

Every state that has an AFL team is represented in the maiden women’s season, and all teams participating in the AFLW season has a male affiliate.

The AFL elected to grant just eight franchise licenses in the inaugural AFLW season, but those numbers have already grown in the competition’s short lifetime.

AFLW AFLW Teams 2019

The 14 teams taking part in the 2021 AFLW season are:

United States This is my table

This is my table

Types of bets that can be placed on the women’s AFL competition

Aside from the head-to-head markets that exist on every match of the AFLW season, all the favourite betting markets are represented in the women’s incarnation.

Punters looking to place a futures bet on the AFLW Premiership market can do so prior to the commencement of the season, or as the campaign progresses – bearing in mind odds will fluctuate on team performance throughout the year.

A hugely popular type of bet that has come across from other sports to the AFLW is the Line Bet , which simply is a handicap bet. The underdog in the match will get a certain amount of points as a head start or the favourite will concede a lead before the match has begun.

Margin of Victory is a great option for those looking to add some spice to the head-to-head market. The bookmaker offers odds on either a certain amount of points in a frame – like 15-29 points – or a margin like Carlton Women’s by 40+.

Goal-scorer betting in the AFL is also a hugely popular way to bet on games, with these types of AFL bets essentially allowing you to wager on things like who kicks the most goals, or if a player will kick a goal.

Tips for betting on women’s AFL

Since this is the first ever AFLW season it is hard to know just how well each team will go until the season begins.

Of course there are big names taking part for most sides, but in the debut season of the competition we are looking to the teams who have had semi-professional women’s teams for years now – the Western Bulldogs and the Melbourne Demons.

Both teams feature at the top of the AFLW futures markets and will look to utilise the experience, infrastructure and know-how that comes with getting a head start on the competition.

United States This is my table

This is my table

Where to place a bet on the AFL Women’s

The women’s AFL competition is one of the most exciting additions to the Australian sporting calendar in recent memory, and any bookmaker who takes themselves and the clients seriously have added the AFLW to the sportsbook.

The self-proclaimed number one bookmaker in Australia talk a big game, and thankfully the team has included a plethora of markets for the AFLW.

Futures markets, winning margins, line betting and, of course, head-to-head markets all exist at Sportsbet, which is sure to include more markets as the season unfolds.

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