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VJA agree to template for whip penalties

The directors of the Victorian Jockeys’ Association have agreed to a template for a range of penalties over indiscretions of the whip.

Debate has raged in Victoria in recent weeks over a string of penalties handed out to jockeys on overuse of the whip.

Racing Victoria chief steward Robert Cram has given the VJA a template that was drawn up to provide jockeys clarity if they breach the whip rule.

The Australian rule remains at no more than five strikes prior to the 100m mark then unlimited use to the winning post, but the template now removes any grey areas of overuse.

It was generally conceded that if a jockey used the whip more than five times before the 100m mark, but less that 15 times in totality, a fine was issued.

However if that total was over 15 then a suspension was handed out, and if the horse finished in the placings, a fine may also have been issued.

The new template provides for suspensions and fines and Matthew Hyland, chief executive of the VJA, said the new template would come into effect from August 1.

“The VJA riding directors have agreed to the proposal that Robert Cram presented,” Hyland said.

“They (the riders) are all aware of their responsibilities under the current rule as it sits.

“The rule still stands but this (the template) gives the riding group some clarity over what the penalties are.”

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