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Sydney Roosters lead rugby league expansion in United States

Sydney Roosters expand into USA

The Sydney Roosters are making an impact in the United States with their plan to grow rugby league internationally.

Their ambitious strategy involves setting up a development academy, introducing the LA Roosters team, and securing sponsorship deals.

Starting the NRL season in Las Vegas, the Roosters have already achieved progress in the US.

They recently recruited Liz Tafuna, the American player for NRLW and Michael Woolridge, a standout from the NRL Combine, under a training contract.

Under a three-year partnership deal, the Roosters will collaborate with USA Rugby League (USARL) as their game development partner.

“We are extremely excited to partner with USA Rugby League,” said Roosters CEO Joe Kelly, who recently joined the USARL board.

“This landmark agreement presents a unique opportunity to expand the reach of rugby league and share our expertise in game development with a passionate and growing rugby community in the United States.

The Los Angeles Roosters, formerly known as the LA Bandidos, will join the Pacific Coast Rugby League conference starting in 2025 as part of an initiative led by local coach Emiliano Nash.

The teams aim is to promote rugby league and support youth development, including those from diverse backgrounds.

In addition to their participation in the conference, the Roosters have secured sponsorships for teams and programs, including backing the USA youth team at the U19 European Championships and supporting both men’s and women’s USA Hawks teams.

USARL chair Matt Goschnick expressed optimism about NRL contracts for program players through this partnership with the Roosters, highlighting their commitment to advancing rugby league in the US.

The Sydney Roosters dedication to expanding rugby league in the United States is set to revolutionise the sport opening up avenues and opportunities for more international players.

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