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Strangles shuts Ballarat stable down

Archie Alexander’s Ballarat stable has been quarantined with two horses confirmed with strangles.

Alexander self-reported the issue to Racing Victoria and after an inspection on Friday by stewards and veterinary staff, the stable has been declared an “infected place” on Saturday.

Stewards have advised Alexander no horses are allowed to leave his Ballarat stables until approval is granted by RV and have ordered the withdrawal of the Alexander-trained pair Spanner Head and Wheal Leisure from Caulfield on Saturday.

Training can continue at the Ballarat Turf Club without restrictions on any other stables but trainers are being advised to maintain a close eye on the health of their horses.

The race meeting scheduled for Wednesday will go ahead.

Strangles is an infectious bacterial condition transmitted via direct contact between individual horses and/or through indirect contact in several ways.

Contaminated feed, water, bedding, stables, stable utensils, halters, brushes, boots, clothing and transport vehicles are factors in the spread of infection.

Strangles usually causes upper respiratory tract disease, but can also affect the lungs. It is highly contagious but rarely fatal.

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