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Stewards conclude Jeff Lloyd inquiry

Queensland stewards have concluded a long-running inquiry into a ride by premier jockey Jeff Lloyd at the Sunshine Coast.

The stewards accepted Lloyd’s explanation and also found there were no betting irregularities on the race on March 12.

Lloyd, who is leading the Australian, Queensland and Brisbane premierships, rode She Goes Pop who finished second in the race.

Stewards opened an inquiry into Lloyd’s handling of the mare and questioned him about his tactics from the 600m to the 300m.

Lloyd was asked why shifted out to follow Cobra Quick in an attempt to secure clear running to the outside, when there was clear running on the inside.

He was also asked why he didn’t improve on the inside of another runner at the 400m.

Stewards were concerned his tactics had resulted in She Goes Pop being held up until approaching the 300m and also caused the horse to become unbalanced.

Lloyd explained that as he felt Cobra Quick was travelling better than any other runner and that Gracious Choice was weakening, he thought he would obtain clear running easily to the outside.

Stewards were satisfied with the explanation and found while Lloyd had made an error in judgment, this error had not effected the overall position of She Goes Pop.

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