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Famous sports bloopers

Every kid in the 90s remembers the Wide World of Sports blooper reel that was on every Sunday morning. It was basically a recap of anything slightly off centre that had happened during the preceding week.

If there was a particularly funny, or controversial incident the team would replay and replay the event until you were sick of it.

Each sport and competition around the world bares witness to some controversial, hilarious, maddening and down right bizarre crazy moments or bloopers. This arti

10. Zidane’s head butt

It was the 2006 World Cup final, held in Berlin. Italy and France were tied at 1-1 in extra time. Things were tense. In fact, things were clearly too tense for Frenchman, Zinedine Zidane, who decided the game and the millions watching live around the world, needed a moment of hilarity.

Zidane swaggered up to Italian defender Marco Materazzi and exchanged a few verbal pleasantries before unleashing a rhino-like head butt to Materazzi’s solar plexis.

Materazzi fell to the ground in a screaming heap while Zidane sheepishly creeped off as if nothing had happened. Zidane was eventually red-carded and France lost the World Cup final 5-3 on penalties.

9. Yankee cops it in the face

2015 saw Yankee pitcher Bryan Mitchell catch a line drive hit from Eduardo Nunez of the Minnesota Twins, with his face. Never a smart move. The result was very messy.

8. Kimbo Slice vs Dada 5000 fiasco

It was billed as one of the most epic battles between two street fighting knuckle-throwers. Sadly though, it culminated in both fighters cuddling and feeling each other up for three rounds.

Kimbo Slice eventually won the fight after throwing a limp wristed punch at Dada – that didn’t even connect – before Dada staggered around, starry eyed, doing a lap of the octagon before collapsing in a heap.

It was later revealed that Dada5000 suffered a cardiac arrest the day after the fight.

7. DeSean Jackson spills his skittles

DeSean Jackson takes a great pass a long way down field from quarter back Michael Vick. But in one of the most bizarre blunders in sporting history, Jackson began his touch down celebration an inch or two too early, throwing the pig skin away before it had the chance to breach the goal line. See how it unfolded in the video above.

6. Greg Inglis loses count…

Your team is down two points, there’s 10 seconds left on the clock; what do you do? If you are Greg Inglis you attempt a field goal. An odd decision to be sure, considering a field goal is only worth one point in the NRL.

What’s worse than this simple miscalculation? Missing the attempt altogether, leaving your team mates to wonder what’s worse: that you tried to win a two point ball game with a one point play or that you missed completely. Hopefully Inglis’ powers of calculation are much improved in the 2017 campaign.

5. Ty Vickery’s phantom mark

Richmond Tigers’ forward Tyrone Vickery either drank heavily before a game or suffered a concussion that no one can pin-point ever happening. Off the ball, a clearly dazed and confused Vickery staggered around, attempted to take a mark, when the pill was up the other end of the field and tripped over himself.

4. Tonnie Carrol’s hurdle fail

This is one of the most iconic moments in rugby league history. Tonnie Carrol was chasing after a tear-away Rabbitohs winger when NRL referee, Tony De Las Heras, went down in the chase. Carrol made the most feeble attempt to hurdle the fallen ref, only to knee him, at full force, knocking out the downed ref instantly.

3. Tough break

At the Rio Olympics Armenian weight lifter Andranik Karapetyan was making his second attempt at lifting 195 kg. He got the bar above his head when the weight buckled his left arm, breaking it. It was a sad end to anyone’s Olympic dream.

2. The underarm incident…

Australian/New Zealand international relations have never been shakier than they were after this infamous incident. The Aussies and Kiwis have fought wars together, bled together and cried together. But it was this incident in the summer of 1981 that threatened to destroy it all.

The Kiwi side needed a six off the last ball of the one-dayer to tie the game with the Aussies. To prevent any chance of the Kiwis drawing, Australian captain Greg Chappell instructed his brother and bowler Trevor, to bowl underarm to Kiwi batsman Brian McKechnie.

The under arm ball, technically completely legal, soured relations between the two cricketing nations for years to come.

1. Hand of God

The 1986 Fifa World Cup quarter final saw the most famous goal in football history. Argentina was playing England.

At the 51st minute Diego Maradona leapt for a contest and swatted the ball toward the goal with his hand.

Maradona went on to score again and crush England’s hopes of winning. In the end Argentina went on to win 2-1. But it was Maradona and his infamous ‘hand of God’ that sealed the deal.

Has our man Aaron Robinson got it right? What bloopers would you include in your top 10 of all time? Comment in the box below

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