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RadioTAB to launch appeal for NJT

Brisbane based RadioTAB will launch a timely appeal to raise money to help Australia’s jockeys and their families in distress.

The station will run the Queensland appeal to boost the National Jockeys Trust starting on August 1, the start of the new racing season.

RadioTAB manager David Salmon said the appeal was also to help raise awareness about the work of the NJT.

“Tragically, there have been examples of their work being needed in recent weeks. This is our opportunity to give them our support, by encouraging people to donate across the country,” Salmon said.

“We’ll change our format to include as many interviews as possible with racing participants, sporting friends, and recipients of the amazing work the NJT does.”

In the past fortnight jockey Donna Philpot was killed in a trackwork fall at Bendigo and Roger Booth died of a heart attack after a race in Darwin.

RadioTAB covers Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and parts of northern NSW.

Salmon said full details of the appeal including how to make donations would be available in the next fortnight.

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