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GAMBLING is one of our favourite past-times in Australia, but few betting markets can rival the allure and intrigue of the horse racing industry.

The betting industry has undergone huge changes in the last five years, which has put the power of the punt back in favour of the public.

Gone are the days where punters can be content putting on a bet down at their local pub. These days bookmaker’s customers can take advantage of best tote bets, money back specials and plenty of our fantastic inducements that run daily.

We have taken a look at three of our favourite bookmakers and put together an easy-to-read guide on all their horse racing specials so punters can make an informed investment.

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Top Tote Plus:
We have all felt the pain of investing in another state’s market only to find a different one pays a much larger price than your dividend, luckily Sportsbet has its customers covered.

Place a bet on any Australian thoroughbred meeting and if your bet is a successful one, you will get the best price of all three TABs or the starting price.


Cash back specials:

Sportsbet also run cash back specials on select races.

On any particular race that is selected, Sportsbet will pick a runner, and if you select a horse outside of their selection and it finishes second to their pick you will get a select amount of cash back.

‘Betting without’ market:
Like the look of a runner but you are not confident it can get the job done against a favourite?

Sportsbet offers customers the ‘betting without’ market, which allows punters to get a return if your horse wins or finishes second to the favourite.

Betting insurance:
Sportsbet offer punters extra markets on all their Australian thoroughbred races, including insurance betting.

You can select either insurance 2 or 3, which affords customers money back if your horse does not win but finishes either in the top two for insurance 2 or top three for insurance 3.

Bet live:
There are plenty of UK bookmakers that allow you to bet live on races, but the same luxury is not afforded to Aussie punters on Australian races – except at Sportsbet.

Sportsbet customers are able to bet live on select Australian races up until the 400m mark. thoroughbred racing bookie bonuses

Money back specials:

William Hill has been known to offer first half of the field money back specials – which gives punters cash back if their runner finishes in the top half of a field – or cash back specials if your horse finishes second or third in select races.

Betting without:
The ‘betting without’ feature at William Hill allows you to bet on your selected runner at a smaller return, but without the favourite.

This means your horse can either win, or finish second to the favourite and you will get your return.

Racing insurance:
If you place a bet using the racing insurance feature, and if your selection finishes second or third you get your stake back.

Your fixed odds return will be diminished compared to a regular bet, but the safety of the money back return on a racing without investment is something that punters may find enticing.

First past the post:
Sick of getting your winning bet overturned on a steward’s inquiry? You will have no such pain at William Hill.

Not only will William Hill pay your bet out within 60 seconds of the race finishing, but if your horse is beaten in a protest you will still get your cash.

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Best tote plus:
Anyone that has picked a winner down at their local knows the pain of getting a much smaller dividend than they would have if they placed their bet in another state.

That problem is no more if you are a customer at Crownbet.

Place a winning bet on any Australian thoroughbred race and your winning dividend will be paid out at the price of the best of all three TABs or the starting price.


Protest payout:

If your runner is first past the post you will get your money irrespective of an upheld protest.