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Pyne in line for the axe and the best online novelty bets

Federal minister Christopher Pyne
ONLINE bookmaker has opened betting on Christopher Pyne to lose his place in the federal cabinet.

The Leader of the House sparked outrage within the Liberal ranks recently when he was recorded cozying up to left-leaning factions with promises of a new push for marriage equality.

“Friends, we are in the winner’s circle — but we have to deliver a couple of things and one of those things we’ve got to deliver before too long is marriage equality in this country,” Mr Pyne said in the recording.

“We’re going to get it. I think it might even be sooner than everyone thinks.

“And your friends in Canberra are working on that outcome.”

Those sweet nothings have led to calls for Primer Minister Malcolm Turnbull to bring down the axe.

In turn, the bookies have jumped at the chance to run a few speculative bets for Pyne’s future prospects.

“The knives are out for Christopher Pyne from within his own party so the question is can he weather this storm until the election, well now you can bet on it,” said Sportsbet’s Will Byrne.

Christopher Pyne futures

+150 – To stand and lose at next election

+300 – To not stand at next election

+400 – To be demoted from cabinet before election

+500 – To resign before next election

+1100 – To leave Liberal party and become an independent (before next election)

+1400 – To become next Liberal leader

+25000 – To join Labor

+50000 – To join One Nation

+50000 – To join Greens

Market courtesy of Sportsbet

Four-away affair in 2017 MasterChef betting

Ben Ungermann is Sportsbet’s +120 favourite to take out MasterChef 2017.

His closest rivals are Diana Chan (+200) and Eliza Wilson (+300).

There is also support for Sarah Tong, who has firmed from +800 into +600.

“The pressure is on in the kitchen and punters are finding it hard to make a choice,” Byrne said on Tuesday.

“Diana is the best supported and why wouldn’t she be with five mystery box tastings.

“Eliza and Ben are also accomplished in the kitchen, so it’s going to be a knife edge finish.”

2017 MasterChef winner

+120 – Ben Ungermann

+200 – Diana Chan

+300 – Eliza Wilson

+600 – Sarah Tiong

+1600 – Karlie Verkerk

+2000 – Tamara Graffen

+2200 – Eloise Praino

+3300 – Callan Smith

+4000 – Arum Nixon

+4000 – Sam Goodwin

Market courtesy of Sportsbet

NSW or VIC odds-on to win Miss Universe Australia

The long-running rivalry between New South Wales and Victoria will be on full display in the final of the Miss Universe Australia pageant on Thursday night.

Five of the top six prospects hail from those two states.

NSW’s Georgina Gravanis tops the betting at +800, with Victoria’s Marijana Radmanovic close behind at +900.

“There’s not much separating the ladies in the betting going into the final and any of these contestants would make Australia proud on the International stage,” said Byrne.

Miss Universe Australia winner

+800 – Georgia Gravanis (NSW)

+900 – Marijana Radmanovic (VIC)

+1000 – Tarrah Burns (VIC)

+1100 – Georgie Mitchell (NSW), Tharika Rodrigo (SA)

+1200 – Naomi Holt (VIC), Olivia Rogers (SA)

+1400 – Ashton Carbone (NT), Jordy Kuriata (WA)

+1600 – Elise Chambellant (QLD)

+1800 – Grady Wulff (WA), Kate Hedges (WA), Laura O’Neill (WA), Tahlia Giumelli (NSW)

+2000 – Chelsey Nichols (QLD), Danica Butler (WA), Serena Lyle (QLD)

+2500 – Brooke Rogers (TAS), Erin Scott (SA), Laura Hanlon (QLD), Monique Evren (QLD), Nikola Sonerson (VIC), Olivia Stanley (WA)

+3300 – Artia Ratahi (NT), Genie Koulaeva (VIC), Sally Kurzke (VIC), Stella Badenoch (SA)

+4000 – Alecia McCallum (NSW), Elana Philbert (VIC), Emma Field (TAS), Jordan Simmonds (NSW)

Market courtesy of Sportsbet

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