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McGregor given no hope from bookies in potential Mayweather bout

Mayweather v McGregor
IF the hotly-anticipated bout between Floyd Mayweather and UFC champ Conor McGregor goes forward, the $5.25 notorious outsider at won’t stand a chance, according to the people who should know.

McGregor, who brazenly predicted he would “stop Floyd Mayweather” just under a month ago, said he would shock the world when he finally steps into a boxing ring.

“Trust me, I’m going to stop Floyd, and you’re all going to eat your words,” the UFC lightweight champion predicted.

“The whole world is going to eat their words.”

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However, experts from both sides of the fighting community believe it’s Mayweather’s fight to lose.

Former boxing superstar Sugar Ray Leonard said Mayweather would beat McGregor “in one round”.

Boxing tactician Freddie Roach echoed Leonard’s sentiments.

The trainer – who cornered Manny Pacquiao in the “fight of the century” bout against Mayweather – believes McGregor “can’t beat” Mayweather inside a boxing ring.

“I’d love to see it, he’s fun to watch. He’s a character. [But] he’s not that good of a fighter. He’ll let his hands go and so forth. He’s a little wild.

“He’s putting himself on a very high level. I think he’s more of a four-round fighter at this point.

“He’s [Mayweather] not a risk-taker anymore. He’s not the most exciting guy in the world. But, he’s still a great boxer. [McGregor] can’t beat guys like that, in my opinion.”

Former four division world champion Juan Manuel Marquez went as far as to say the super-fight is an insult to combat sports.

Marquez, who was dominated over 12 rounds by Mayweather back in 2009, believes it would be “impossible” for McGregor to reign supreme. bonus bet offers

“It’s an insult to the sport and an insult to boxing and to the UFC,” Marquez said.

“Every sport deserves respect and in this case boxing and the UFC deserve it.

“You cannot do a fight like that. It’s like boxing a soccer player or a basketball player or vice versa, it’s impossible [for McGregor to win that fight].”

Fighters from McGregor’s MMA world are also taking Mayweather’s side if the purposed bout does take place.

Fellow UFC fighter and compatriot Joe Duffy, who has fought professionally in both realms, believes it would be “a landslide towards Floyd”.

“In a combat sport, there’s always a puncher’s chance,” Duffy told The MMA Hour.

“No matter what, in MMA, boxing, there’s always that puncher’s chance. I feel that Floyd is probably used to being in there with bigger hitters than Conor.

Them boxers really do hit. But, on the scorecards, I really don’t (think Conor has a chance). I really feel it’s a landslide towards Floyd.”

Our take – there is nothing to lose for McGregor if super-fight does go forward

Let’s get this straight – Conor McGregor gets to step into the ring against arguably the greatest boxer of all-time, make nine-figures and potentially conquer both the octagon and the boxing ring in the process?

Where can we get a deal like that?

When you look at the bout, the pressure looks to be fairly and squarely on Floyd Mayweather’s shoulders.

Money will step into the ring risking his perfect 49-0 record against a man who has never fought professionally in boxing, but has displayed serious knockout power inside the octagon. To lose against a man without a bout to his name would not only be a huge embarrassment for the sport of boxing, it would tarnish the legacy of one of the greatest pound-for-pound fighters of all-time.

On McGregor’s side of things – if he loses, he returns to the UFC as the undisputed king of the octagon. He attempted to debut against one of the best of all-time in an unfamiliar sport and fell short, but became a much richer man in the process.

Who is really risking it all in this one?

There is still no guarantee this bout will go forward, but if it does, it’s Mayweather who’s laying it all on the line – make no mistake about that.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor

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Conor McGregor – $5.25

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