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Leilani Lodge stays in the Cummings family

The family connection to Leilani Lodge will endure when James Cummings relocates to Godolphin, with his father Anthony confirming a return to the famous Randwick stable.

Anthony Cummings and his son Edward will inherit the boxes utilised by James once the Australian Turf Club completes remedial work at the stables established by Anthony’s father, the legendary Bart Cummings, in the 1970s.

Cummings said the training partnership would vacate their High Street boxes in Randwick to ensure Leilani Lodge is not just synonymous with an iconic name of Australian racing.

Cummings discussed the move with the Australian Turf Club’s James Heddo on Tuesday and will base himself at Leilani Lodge for a second time when renovations are completed.

“It’s a funny feeling. We’ve had a good run where we’ve been but you come back here and look around at where Beau Zam used to be, where Shaftesbury Avenue was. Sky Chase and the like were all here when I was last here,” Anthony Cummings told Sky Sports Radio.

“It’s a bit like groundhog day isn’t it? I spent 20 years here when I first came to Sydney.”

Edward Cummings accompanied his father to inspect the Leilani Lodge on Tuesday and the memories also came flooding back.

“We used to have a pony out there that Dad used to cart us around on. The London planes, the trees that are there in the yard were a tenth of the size they are now,” he said.

Returning to Leilani Lodge always appealed once James – who took over running the stable when Bart died in August, 2015 – was named last month to succeed John O’Shea as head trainer of Godolphin’s Australian operation.

“There’s certainly things we do need taken care of but we’re fortunate the club has agreed to terms around that. They’re doing everything they can to make it a seamless transition,” Edward Cummings said.

The Cummings will have access to 11 extra boxes at Leilani Lodge, 59 in total.

Some will be used to accommodate horses left behind by James, who takes up his new role on July 8.

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