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Ladbrokes Australia promotions are frequent, although we are limited in what we can display to our readers. The best advice we can give surrounding Ladbrokes promotions is to check out their website after you have opened a new account. The best Ladbrokes promotions are highlighted further down this page, although these change often and the most reliable option is to view the live Ladbrokes promotions page.

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What Ladbrokes promotions are available in 2024

THE friendly folk at Ladbrokes became the hottest thing in Australian betting back in 2014 when they introduced their super handy – if a little controversial – Ladbrokes card.

In an Aussie punting first, the card acts like a debit card, allowing customers to immediately withdraw the winnings from their betting accounts from automatic teller machines and EFTPOS terminals, just like using their bank card.

This new move revolutionised the world of online betting, with many bookmakers following suit – and many punters making the change to using the internet to place their bets, instead of walking into their local bricks and mortar outlet.

The key aspect is it gives punters instant access to their winnings, rather than having to wait days on end of the online bookmaker to send the winnings over bank transfer.

As we said, many other online bookmakers have followed suit, but Ladbrokes remains the trend setting benchmark for their debit card, allowing verified customers to withdraw up to $1000 cash per day from ATMs, or utilise EFTPOS services to the tune of $2500 each day.

It’s a super convenient way to make your punting experience quicker and easier.

Outside of that obviously great offer, Ladbrokes has built a reputation on security and reliability. You can bet with them and know you’re going to get value for money, your bet paid out and, most importantly, your money will be secure.

Below is a look at some of the other great promotions it has for punters.

Ladbrokes promotions and features for sport and racing

Odds boost

Every day you bet, you can get enhanced odds on a particular race or sporting event. The bookie has put a patent on its boost feature, which let’s you choose the horse that you think is going to win and then gives you a juicy top up on its odds. All punters have to do is add their selection to their bet slip and activate the odds boost button and you will see the odds for your horse or sporting event immediately increase. And, hey, if you want to have a boost on sport and racing, you can do so, with the bookies racing extra offer available on certain races and meets. And ditto for sports, with the sports extra offer available on several selected sporting events every day.

Pick your own odds

Instead of having the bookmaker dictate to you what the odds will be, the power is put in your hands to determine them. So you select the odds you want on a particular racing selection and the bookie will return a winning margin for that selection. If it wins, and manages to cover that margin, the bookie will pay out the dividend you selected for that particular horse, trotter or greyhound.

Favourite vs. Field

Ever had that nagging $1.60 favourite that you feel is just too damn short to bet on? Well you can take it on now with Ladbrokes’ favourite vs. field promotion. The favourite vs the field special is available on jay about every horse, greyhound or harness race and gives you odds on the favourite to win, or any other horse in the field to beat it. It’s really that easy. If you take the field, it doesn’t matter which horse gets home, as long as it is not the favourite – if any other horse wins, then you win.

Bet quiz

Get the best of both worlds by combining your love of sport prediction with punting. Get six yes or no questions from Ladbrokes and answer them all correctly and you will win big. The bookie might have AFL or NRL quizzes and it asks questions like “Will a Victorian team win the 2017 premiership cup?” or “Will St Kilda win 12 or more games in the 2017 regular season”. Similarly, with the NRL, it will ask things like “Will the Penrith Panthers make the top four in 2017” and “Will the Knights have the least wins in 2017”. All you have to do is answer each one yes or no and then hope your answers are correct at the end of the season. Then you will be in the money.

Forget about sitting around and waiting for correct weight. That’s up to the TABs to sort out. With, if your nag or dog is a winner, you will see your dividend within moments of the race ending. No more waiting around to get your next beer because the TAB is taking ages to payout. Just set and forget and you will be able to bet on the next race with your winnings. And hey, if there is a protest the bookie will still payout on both the horse that lost the protest and the elevated horse, so it makes absolutely no difference. This is called giving the punters what they want.

Perfect round

This might just be our favourite Ladbrokes offer. This is where your tipping goes to the next level. The bookie will provide a pool of all the games of a particular round in a particular sport and then you have to go through and pick every winner? This is super fun, especially in the footy tipping, when you can not only pick your eight, but also make some serious dough out of it. You choose how much you want to wager and the bookie will pay out accordingly – that is if you can pick every winner in the pool. The offer can come daily on the NBA games, or weekly on the A-League, NBL and other sports across the world. Pick em all and win big.

Why does Ladbrokes not have a free bet promotion

Ladbrokes not longer has a bookmaker free bet promotion, with Australia enacting a bonus bet ban, which targeted new player incentives. This essentially stopped the Ladbrokes free bet promotion, which used to net new players something for nothing.

Want to learn more about Ladbrokes Australia? Read our Ladbrokes review or read our guide to the Ladbrokes apps.

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