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Kopi Luwak resumes as reformed character

Kopi Luwak landed Danny Williams in hospital after he rode him for the first time, so understandably he has adopted a cautious approach with the gelding.

Williams had three options for Kopi Luwak’s second career start, his first since he suffered a tendon injury in late 2015, and opted for Moruya on Monday, scratching him from Canberra on Friday and Randwick on Saturday’.

While Kopi Luwak endured a long rehabilitation, his discomfort wsa echoed by the pain Williams suffered when he was thrown off the horse almost three years ago.

“He sheared my pelvis apart. The whole pelvis virtually came apart,” Williams recalled.

“I was horizontal for 56 days, I wasn’t allowed to sit up. I had two operations and now I’ve got a bolt through my hip to virtually hold my right leg in my back.”

Williams had no hard feelings and was back riding Kopi Luwak a month after being released from hospital.

“He’s a beautiful horse. There’s no malice in him. It was just a one-off thing,” he said.

Kopi Luwak made his debut in December 2015 and suffered the injury as connections were considering an offer from Hong Kong.

“He’s been in work off and on for 12 months. He’s had a number of jump-outs at home so we haven’t had to trial him,” Williams said.

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