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NBA multi
FRIDAY? More like Fri-yay when there are six games of NBA action headed our way.

Punters will be licking their lips with the juicy Chicago v New York rivalry among the draw cards.

The day tips off with an early one at 7am AEDT when the Indiana Pacers ascend the Mile High City to take on the Denver Nuggets.

Later that morning at 11.30am, the Brooklyn Nets host the New Orleans Pelicans in a battle of two of the NBA’s bottom feeders.

At noon, the Bulls and Knicks square off at Madison Square Garden amid the turmoil of former Bull Derrick Rose’s no-show at New York’s Tuesday tilt with the Pelicans.

Half an hour later at 12.30pm, the San Antonio Spurs have the home walk over… erm, we mean the Los Angeles Lakers, in Texas.

The Dallas Mavericks head to Phoenix to take on the Suns at 2pm in a battle of which team can be worse, before the brilliant Golden State Warriors host the Detroit Pistons in Oakland at 2.30pm to close out the day.

We’ve got six games and six picks below.

If you want to multi them up, you could score a pretty penny.

Let’s hope we are right. multi builder

Selections for the NBA Friday multi:

New Orleans Pelicans to defeat the Brooklyn Nets at $1.56

Chicago Bulls to defeat the New York Knicks at $2.44

San Antonio Spurs to defeat the Los Angeles Lakers at $1.04

Phoenix Suns to defeat the Dallas Mavericks at $2.18

Golden State Warriors to defeat the Detroit Pistons at $1.06

Five leg multi pays $9.15 with

New Orleans Pelicans to defeat the Brooklyn Nets

Speaking of two teams at the bottom of the food chain, the Pelicans and Nets both, frankly, stink. With just 23 wins between them, the only player on either team that is really NBA relevant is Anthony Davis. Despite his ridiculously gaudy numbers, his support cast is so bad that it tacked a three game losing streak on the end of a four game winning streak, after things looked like they had turned. Brook Lopez might just be one of the game’s most overrated players. He puts up nice numbers, but his teams simply do not win. The Nets are just no good and the mere presence of Davis should mean a victory for the Pelicans.

Chicago Bulls to defeat the New York Knicks

Two teams in turmoil. That’s the only way to look at it. The Bulls’ off season acquisitions of Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo have not quite worked out and now everyone from superstar Jimmy Butler, down to the floor cleaners at the United Centre have been mentioned in trade talks. It makes for an unpredictable team that can one day go out and beat the east leading Cleveland Cavaliers and second placed Toronto Raptors, and then the next go down to the only just playoff worthy Oklahoma City Thunder. Why anyone would think about trading Jimmy Butler when he has been rolling out 50 point games and doing absolutely everything for the Bulls is beyond us, but remember, this is the Bulls. They haven’t been relevant since MJ hung up his Air Jordans. It’s been much longer than that since the Knicks were relevant but, after getting Rose in an offseason trade and adding another Bull in Joachim Noah, it looked as though they might improve. They haven’t really. This team needs to be handed to Kristaps Porzingis, STAT! Right now, despite Rondo’s benching, the uncertainty surrounding the team and Butler being crook on Monday, the Bulls have more talent and better form than the Knicks, so we are going with them, even if it is at MSG.

Put a multi on at

San Antonio Spurs to defeat the Los Angeles Lakers

Do we even have to write anything here? The Lakers are a young, developing team, with talent that might not quite be as good as Laker fans would have you believe. Conversely, the Spurs are among the best teams in the league, with the likes of Kawhi Leonard absolutely tearing things up. Expect an easy win for the well-drilled Spurs.

Phoenix Suns to defeat the Dallas Mavericks

There isn’t enough putrid in the NBA to describe these two teams. The Mavs are frankenstein’s monster with lots of interesting pieces that haven’t really come together, while the Suns might just be competitive in the D-League. Any team rolling out the corpse of Tyson Chandler is going to struggle but, sadly, the corpse of Dirk Nowitzki is not much better. Suns defeated the Mavs in Texas this time last week and they’ll do it again in Phoenix.

Golden State Warriors to defeat the Detroit Pistons

Funnily enough, the Detroit Pistons tend to be very competitive against the Golden State Warriors – but they always fall short. Back to back reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry has just started to regain some form – after he was somehow mentioned in trade rumour – winning the Western Conference Player of the Week and, while the Pistons are manful, with the likes of Andre Drummond and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope turning them into a somewhat legitimate team, they don’t have the cattle to hang with the offensive firepower of Golden State.

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