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Delays in Queensland appeals

Delays in resolving appeals in Queensland have again been highlighted by cases involving apprentices Bridget Grylls and Josh Oliver.

Their appeals against suspensions could take as long as four months to be resolved.

Grylls and Oliver first appeared before stewards on September 10 for their rides in an open handicap staying race.

Grylls rode Ranked and Oliver was aboard Black Jag who opened a big lead in the middle stages.

Stewards charged them with failing to give their mounts every opportunity to finish in the best position.

After a resumed inquiry they were each suspended for a month.

They appealed to the Racing Integrity Commission’s independent assessor Kane Ashby and he refused their applications.

However, he did reduce Grylls’ sentence to three weeks while leaving Oliver’s penalty at a month.

Grylls and Oliver then appealed to the next level at the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal which granted them a stay to keep riding pending a result.

The QCAT hearing went for a full day on Friday without a resolution.

Grylls appeal was heard in full but there was no judgment while Oliver’s appeal was adjourned for further consideration.

Chief Steward Allan Reardon said no date had been given for a decision in Grylls’ case .

“As far as we know the Oliver case will resume on January 30. It is fair to say some people would say this has gone on for too long,” Reardon said.

Grylls and Oliver are both due to come out of their apprenticeships next month.

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