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Daenerys pips Jon Snow for Iron Throne favouritism in TV betting

Khaleesi and Snow
THE US summer will bring with it Series Seven of perhaps the greatest television series ever to air, Game of Thrones.

And the anticipation is already running wild with fan theories in abundance.

Our good mates at are on the bandwagon, releasing a market that allows you to bet on who will be sitting on the Iron Throne at the end of the series.

Everyone’s favourite bastard, Jon Snow, is the people’s champ at the +200, but the Storm Born Daenerys Targaryen is the favourite at $2.50.

And that’s for good reason – she has not only what appears to be an endless army, but she’s on her way to Westeros – with three fricken dragons in tow.

Plus the whole immunity to fire and the fact she’s a cold hard bitch that will probably have Cersei Lannister’s head on a platter by the end of the series makes the stunner an obvious choice as favourite.

But don’t write off Cersei, by any stretch of the imagination. This cow only murdered the entirety of House Tyrell, along with pretty much all of the Sparrows – by using wildfire to destroy the most sacred place in the kingdom, the Great Sept of Baelor. Plus she has the new and-improved Mountain by her side. She’s a fearsome force and currently holds the Throne. Good luck to anyone trying to pry her off it.

Proof William Hill either has a sense of humour – or no idea at all – the bookie has more than 30 options, including – ridiculously – single mother wildling Gilly – at $501.

We all need a good laugh. betting bonuses

Who will sit on the Iron Throne after Game of Thrones season seven?

Daenerys Targaryen +150

Jon Snow ($3)

Cersei Lannister ($3.75

Sansa Stark ($3.75

Tyrion Lannister ($6)

Any Other ($9)

Petyr ‘Little Finger’ Baelish ($10)

Jamie Lannister ($13)

Arya Stark ($13)

Bran Stark ($15)

Yara Greyjoy ($17)

The Night King ($17)

Gendry ($17)

Lord Varys ($26)

Ellaria Sand ($26)

Lyanna Mormont ($26)

Euron Greyjoy ($26)

Olenna Tyrell ($34)

Samwell Tarly ($36)

Qyburn ($51)

Melisandre ($81)

Meera Reed ($126)

Jorah Mormont ($151)

Tormund Giantsbane ($176)

Brienne of Tarth ($176)

Grey Worm ($176)

Bronn of the Blackwater ($201)

Benjen Stark ($201)

Sandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane ($201)

Gregor ‘The Mountain’ Clegane ($201)

Missandei ($201)

Podrick Payne ($201)

Maggie OToole ($201)

Davos ‘The Onion Knight’ Seaworth ($276)

Gilly ($501)

Daario Naharis ($501)

Odds provided by

Settles on ruler of Westeros after the final episode of Game of Thrones Seaon 7 (2017)


Sandilands and Campbell to duke it out in the ring?

COULD portly radio shock jock Kyle Sandilands and singer/TV presenter/guy next door David Campbell put on a better fight than Anthony Mundine and Danny Green?

One of the nicest blokes on TV, Campbell has copped plenty of venom from Sandilands – perhaps one of the least-respected, but highest-rating personalities on radio.

And our mates over at reckon the pair should settle their differences by putting on the gloves and going toe to toe in the boxing ring.

So much so that they have offered up a $10,000 bounty for charity if the pair do decide to square off.

And guess who is the favourite?

Not Sandilands, who is more famous for fighting with food wrappers than men.

The leaner, fitter Campbell is $1.80 to defeat Sandilands, who is $1.95.

Look, it’s probably never going to happen, but it might if Campbell agrees to Sandilands demands.

Sign up at

“The only way I’d let him on here (his radio show) would be if I could smack him in the face with a dead fish,” Sandilands said.

“Not hard, just embarrassingly light. Not in a violent way. Just like, ‘Haha, you got smacked in the face with a dead fish’.”

It is not clear why Sandilands has lost his marbles at Campbell, with his fellow radio host Jackie O revealing it was an incident “year’s ago”, but some believe it to be when Campbell called out Sandilands over his ‘fat slag’ comment to a female journalist back in 2011.

But the shock jock hasn’t held back, calling the Today Extra show host a “big mouth, a piece of s***” during a broadcast when Campbell’s co-host, Sonja Kruger was to be on the breakfast radio show.

“Sonia Kruger’s coming back on, obviously to try and beg me to go on that show of hers and David Campbell’s,” Kyle said.

“I refuse to go on that show while he works there, because I hate the guy’s guts.

“I’ll s*** on his grave before I go on that f**king show.”

Sounds like a cracking bloke, right.

Anyway, later in the show, when Kruger came on, he had more ammo.

“The first day that the ass-puppet (Campbell) is away sick, I’ll come on and fill in if you like,” he said.

“He was a nice guy then he jumped on the bandwagon of hate all of a sudden, so I thought, ‘well bitch, you sit over there on your own then’.’”

People are calling it a war of words, but Campbell has remained pretty dignified so far.

The fight, which’s Will Byrne jokingly reckons could eclipse the attention of Green v Mundine, is tipped to not go the distance at $1.75 with Campbell favoured at $2.40 to win by KO/TKO.

“We’ve thrown down the gauntlet to these two stars and said sort it out with a bout,” Byrne said.

“We’re more than willing to put our money where our mouth is on this one.

“Let’s get ready to rumble!’’

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