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Alexander to gallop horses at Burrumbeet

Trainer Archie Alexander has been given permission by Racing Victoria stewards to use Burrumbeet Racecourse as a training track after a strangles outbreak closed his Ballarat stable.

A number of horses in Alexander’s stable, labelled an infected place, have shown positive results in blood tests resulting in them being moved to isolated locations away from Ballarat Racecourse.

The remaining group, which has produced clear blood tests to date but awaiting final clearance, will be allowed to be transported to Burrumbeet for training purposes.

Under special conditions, Burrumbeet has been declared an infected place and no other horses are permitted to enter the racecourse.

Should any other stable take a horse to Burrumbeet while it is considered an infected place, that stable will be placed in quarantine and under the same restrictions as Alexander.

When all Alexander’s horses are cleared and the stable no longer regarded as infected, Burrumbeet will then be open to all horses.

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