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How to bet on AFLX

Designed to showcase the most exciting elements of Australian rules football, AFLX features a number of significant deviations from the game we all grew up with. Get to know the rules, see where, when and who your team is playing next, and find out which bookies offer the best odds on this bold new footy format.

Best bookmakers for AFLX odds

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This is my table

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What is AFLX?

AFLX is the Australian Football League’s attempt to replicate the enormous success of Twenty20 cricket. The idea is to cram all the best bits of Aussie rules footy – along with elements of basketball, soccer and other popular sports – into a snapshot that will attract new fans from all over the country and beyond. Matches, grounds and team lists are all much smaller than standard, while a number of key rule changes encourage a style of play that is even faster and more aggressive than usual.

AFLX rules and scoring changes

At a glance, AFLX bears only a passing resemblance to traditional Aussie rules football. Click on the tabs below to find out why.

2019 AFLX teams and fixtures

As if AFLX wasn’t different enough already, league organisers introduced some big changes for the 2019 tournament. Only four teams took part, each captained by a star of Aussie footy:

Team Captain
The Bolts Patrick Dangerfield
The Deadlys Eddie Betts
The Flyers Nathan Fyfe
The Rampage Jack Riewoldt

The four skippers picked their teams in a live draft featuring more than 100 players. Each squad had 14 players in total, with no more than four players from a single AFL club allowed on the same side. The Deadlys consisted entirely of indigenous footballers.

Betting on AFLX games

AFLX is a whole new kettle fish. Until we get a taste of it and begin to see how the game works, don’t expect to find many betting options at online bookmakers. This is the inauguration of a brand new sport, after all, which makes it almost impossible for bookies to frame accurate markets and game lines. That will change if the format gains a following over the coming years, but it is a case of watching and waiting for the time being.

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