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A Twitter wrap of the highs and lows of Round 4 in the AFL

AFL Twitter chat
WE are already a month into the season, but the surprises are still coming thick and fast.

Three of last year’s finalists Hawthorn, Sydney and North Melbourne are winless, leaving many questioning their own football acumen.

The umpiring also continues to bemuse fans.

Ruck contests and deliberate out of bounce calls are hard to decipher, and that does not look like changing any time soon.

End of eras, head scratching coaching calls and shocking umpiring decisions – all in a weekend’s work for social media users.

We took a look at the hot issues of the weekend and let the Twitterverse have its say. reward points

Pendlebury benching leaves fans scratching their heads

AFL has evolved to a point where getting your players on the field at the right time is pivotal.

Rotations are capped and there is such a high emphasis on sports science in the game today, which means players can be left stranded on the bench at important parts of the contest.

Much like Magpies’ skipper Scott Pendlebury on Sunday, who was left on the bench for 14 minutes in the third quarter when St Kilda began to take control.

The move to leave the multiple-time Copeland Trophy winner drew the ire of former Geelong premiership player Cameron Ling, who was incredulous as to why Pendlebury could not get on the park.

Pendlebury was dynamic in the final quarter in his efforts to get Collingwood back into the contest, but one Twitter user believes the captain’s influence was lacking and that Ling was wrong.

Social media revels in the Hawks losing … again

Back-to-back 86-point losses has left Hawthorn reeling and many are declaring that the era of brown and gold dominance is officially over.

One Twitter fan knows the feeling of a fallen empire and could empathise.

The overwhelming feeling elsewhere though was the Hawks’ period of supremacy being officially over was a welcome change.

We are never ones to dance on the graves of the vanquished, but it will be nice to see other teams competing for the cup in the near future.

Confusion continues to reign over umpiring decisions

Just when footy fans think they have worked out umpiring judgements, the officiating team deliver a decision which leaves everyone questioning their sanity.

It is fair to say the deliberate out of bounce rule continues to cause consternation, and one Twitter user is calling for change after one of the worst decisions yet.

The non-decisions seem to draw the ire of the fans just as ferociously as the en vogue calls too.

One fan is even considering a code switch after Sunday’s Collingwood St Kilda match up.

To say the AFL needs to come out and address this problem would be an understatement.

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